1" x 30" Ceramic Sanding Belt

1" x 30" Ceramic Sanding Belt

Pack Size: 1 Belt
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  • Product Description

    1" x 30" Ceramic Sanding Belt

    Name: 1" x 30" Ceramic File Belt
    Description: Ceramic grain coated 1 inch by 30 inch sanding belt comes in 36 grit, 40 grit, 60 grit, 80 grit and 120 grit and is MADE IN THE USA. Each 1 inch wide sanding belt uses ceramic grain sanding grains which are the newest technology in the abrasive belt industry. The ceramic grain structure fractures during use, creating a continuous renewal of sharp edges allowing for the MOST uniform and consistent grinding throughout the life of the belt. Ceramic belts last 50% to 200% longer than other abrasive belt materials especially on tough applications. Additionally, 1" x 30" ceramic belts remain cool while sanding protecting both the belt and the material being worked out. This small ceramic belt is the best belt for use on stainless steel as well as other iron, steel, and other metals, also fiberglass, plastics and wood. These red ceramic belts are capable of extremely tough grinding or deburring to polishing and finishing depending on the grit.
    Other Features:
    • Bi-Directional - the belt can be run in either direction.
    • Closed Coated - 100% of the belt is covered in abrasive grains.
    Suitable For: All Metals (especially Heat Sensitive Metals like Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloys and Cobalt Alloys), Wood, Fiberglass, Plastics, and Painted Surfaces.
    Width: 1″
    Length: 30″
    Grit: 36, 40, 60, 80, 120
    Material: Ceramic
    Belt Backing Weight: Y-Weight
    Use: Portable Belt Sander, Benchstand Grinder, Backstand Belt Grinder, Belt / Disc Sander Combo
    Quantity: 1 Belt per Order

    Looking for a different size, material or grit? We have access to an extensive amount of hard to find sanding belts. Please contact us and let us know what your looking for.

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    1. Knife making

      I haven't used the belt yet but was happy to find the size I needed and a ceramic belt to shape and sharpen knives that I make. on Jun 20th 2019

    2. Great Product

      Using this for my crappy forging technique, I have lots to remove, and these belts get it done! on May 14th 2019

    3. Superior Product

      Dude these are the best belts I've ever used. on Sep 24th 2018

    4. Grinds quickly

      This belt takes metal off quickly when I rough grind a knife blank. Works great. on Jul 24th 2018

    5. Best Belts Ever

      Never have I ever used such great belts. They last a long time and really remove excess steel. I forge thick and grind thin, and these are awesome fir how I nake blades. on Jul 3rd 2018

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