shop rolls

Cloth Backed Rolls of Sanding Paper

These general purpose abrasives are continuous, long, narrow rolls of cloth backed coated sanding paper. Each roll of sandpaper is spooled and packaged in a convenient sandpaper roll dispenser box.

The cloth backing of the sandpaper rolls make these sheets durable and flexible for hand sanding applications, yet easy-tear or cut to quickly be made to the desired length needed each time.

They are perfect for larger jobs and high volume shops with a need for ongoing use of sandpaper that is more economical and customizable than standard pre-cut sandpaper sheets.

Aluminum Oxide Sand Rolls

Each of these bulk sanding rolls is coated in high quality aluminum oxide abrasive grains.

Aluminum oxide is a versatile abrasive grain that can be used for a wide range of surfaces including most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, plastic, drywall, and fiberglass.

Friability - This particular abrasive is friable, meaning that rather than dulling after more use, the grains will self-sharpen to an extent. Extended use will break the grains over time, exposing new sharp edges, extending the useful life of each sheet.

Aluminum oxide is recommended for dry sanding only.

Available Sizes and Grits

All of our sand paper rolls contain 150 feet (50 yards) of premium cloth backed sandpaper. Options are available for different widths of sandpaper including 1 inch, 1-1/2 inch, and 2 inch wide shop rolls.

Empire Abrasives carries shop rolls in all of the grit sizes you’d need to complete most tasks. Grits range from 40 grit to 600 grit sandpaper with each box labeled to conveniently pull and tear the grit you need.

Shop Roll Grits: