semi-flexible discs

Abrasive Semi Flexible Grinding Discs

What are Semi-Flex Sanding Discs?

Abrasive semi-flex discs are a right angle grinder sanding discs commonly used in construction, welding, metalwork, masonry, and plumbing.  The abrasive grains are embedded together on the surface of the disc and attached to a vulcanized fiber backing.  The surface of the wheels has a spiral pattern which allows for aggressive grinding at much cooler temperatures.

Please note - Matching rubber 4.5” backing pad or a 7” backing pads are required to attach the disks to an angle grinder.

Benefits of Semi Flex Discs

Cooler Grinding Temperatures

The innovative spiral pattern provides increased airflow that significantly reduces the working temperature compared to other sanding discs.  The cooler temperature allows for aggressive grinding while preventing loading.

Reduced Vibration

The added flexibility of these discs, created by the vulcanized fiber backing, greatly reduces the vibrations and noise level compared to other abrasive discs like grinding wheels or resin fiber discs.

Abrasive Grains for Semi Flex Discs

Aluminum Oxide

  • Common Applications: surface grinding, weld blending, adhesive removal, sanding, leveling/reducing surface imperfections
  • Materials Used On: Ferrous metals, cold rolled steel, bronze, iron, stainless steel, aluminum
  • Available in 4 1/2" A/O semi flexible discs and 7” A/O semi-flex discs.

Silicon Carbide

  • Common Applications: paint removal, rust removal, eliminating dirt, scratching off scale, weld slag removal, leveling/reducing surface imperfections, floor coating removal
  • Materials Used On: Non-ferrous metals, marble, concrete, brick, fiberglass, enamels, porcelain, granite
  • Available in 4 1/2" silicon carbide semi flex discs and 7” silicon carbide semi flexible discs.