floor sanding discs

Circular Floor Edger and Sander Discs

For beginners and those less experienced to using floor sanders, sanding discs for floor buffers are usually a better option for sanding and refinishing floors than a drum sander. These discs are a lot more forgiving on the floor’s surface, and less likely to cause grooves and valleys that a drum sander might cause.

Empire Abrasives carries an assortment of floor sanding discs in a variety of sizes, abrasive material, and grits for whatever floor sanding job you plan to take on.

Hardwood Floor Edger Discs

These particular flooring discs are made to fit edger machines to sand floors all the way up to the edges of the walls.  If using a drum sanding machine on the floor, there will be a gap between the edges of the floor and the furthest point the drum sander could reach.  The edger discs can be used to close the gap and sand flush to the edges.

Concrete Sanding Discs

If you are looking for a circular floor sander that can manage to sand concrete floors, the abrasive you should consider is silicon carbide.  Silicon carbide grains are sharper and harder than zirconia, making them optimal for concrete.  You can also use this type on hardwood floors as well as drywall, tile, marble, glass, and stone.

Sanding Over Coated Floors

Silicon carbide flooring discs can also be used to easily sand and remove any polyurethane, varnishes, shellac, or paint from hardwood floors.  The discs are load-resistant, but you may need a few more when sanding over coated surfaces as the paint or varnish will get embedded into the discs faster than wood or concrete alone.

Mesh sandscreen edger discs and floor sanding screens are water-proof and much more resistant to loading than the coated abrasive varieties.