reciprocating blades

Empire Abrasives Reciprocating Saw Blades

Empire Abrasives carries a wide variety of reciprocating blades manufactured by M. K. Morse company. MK Morse's Made in America pneumatic saw blades are of the highest quality available. Morse blades have undergone decades of manufacturing and design improvements down to the smallest detail to create the best reciprocating blades for metal, wood, and more.

Types of Reciprocating Air Saw Blades

Above you can see a wide selection of different types of air blades available from Empire Abrasives. Each of these blades models has their own distinct designs and features for different cutting tasks. 

These blades are compatible with reciprocating saw including Milwaukee Sawzall™, Dewalt™, Makita™, Bosch™, Skil™, Ryobi™, Hilti™, Porter Cable™, Ridgid™, Craftsman™, Hitachi™, and other similar pneumatic air saws/reciprocating saws.

Air Saw Reciprocating Saw Blades

These bi-metal blades with a straight tooth pitch provide a smooth cutting action and long cutting life. They are most commonly used for sheet metal fabrication and auto body modifications.

Master Cobalt Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades

Designed to last long and provide a more aggressive cutting action on machinable metal up to ¼” in thickness. The metal reciprocating blades are constructed with a bi-metal tapered body with a straight and variable tooth pitch. They are heat and wear resistant and great for plunge cutting.

Master Cobalt Wood Reciprocating Saw Blades

The M.K. Morse reciprocating air saw blades for wood are bi-metal constructed with a tapered blade body and a reinforced tooth design. The thinner 0.035 blades are flexible and great in tight spaces while the 0.050 blades provide increased rigidity. Another long lasting blade with high impact resistance that is useful on all types of wood, wood composites, and nail embedded wood.

Master Cobalt Hybrid Reciprocating Saw Blades

The Hybrid saw blades are a versatile choice to cut through multiple types of materials including ferrous/non-ferrous metals, wood, and plastics. They are constructed with a straight blade body consisting of a straight and variable tooth pitch.

Advanced Edge Power Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades

The Edge Power series has a straight tooth pitch and is available in a .042” (1.0 mm) thick blade. It is a heavy duty air saw blade that can provide a smooth cut through wood, rubber, plastic, and any machinable metal.

CTR Carbide Tipped Air Saw Blades

Carbide tipped saw blades are a general purpose saw that is more cost effective than traditional bi-metal blades when cutting through thicker metals. The CTR carbide reciprocating blades are the best choice for cutting abrasive materials like cast iron, rebar, fiberglass, or nail-free wood.

Breaking in Your Blades
It is highly recommended that you first break in any saw blade before use. New blades’ tooth points and edges will run safer and more efficiently after doing so.

To break in your reciprocating saw blades:
1 - Set the blade to the proper speed for the material being cut
2 - Lower the feed pressure or feed rate by 50% for the first for the first 50 to 100in² of material cutting
3 - Slowly increase the feed pressure or feed rate after breaking in to the target pressure/rate