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Professional Resin Fiber Discs for Angle Grinders

Discover our premium range of resin fiber discs for all your grinding, sanding, and finishing needs. Perfect for professionals and DIYers.

What is a Resin Fiber Disc?

Resin fiber discs are a fiber sanding disc, covered with a resin bond coat which is then covered with grains of a selected mineral abrasive. They are used for general purpose grinding and finishing on metals, plastic, and woods. These discs are to be used on a right angle grinder and often require a Backup Pad for use. 

What are Resin Fiber Discs Used for?

Resin fiber discs are often used across many industries for:

  • Surface prep
  • Deburring
  • Blending
  • Finishing
  • Woodworking
  • Composite work
  • Auto body work
  • Metal fabrication
  • DIY projects

Selection Guide: Material, Grit, Size, & Application

When selecting a resin fiber disc, consider the following:

  • Material Type: Choose the right abrasive grain for the material you are working with. See the recommendations below, or reach out to our abrasives experts for advice.
  • Grit Size: Use a coarser grit for heavy material removal and a finer grit for finishing and polishing.
  • Disc Size: The disc size you choose should match your grinder or sander specifications.
  • Application: Consider the specific task (grinding, sanding, finishing) to choose the right disc.

Choosing the Abrasive Grain

There are several different options of abrasive grains available on resin fiber discs. Each of these has their own benefits and compatible materials.

  1. Aluminum Oxide: Versatile and economical, ideal for general-purpose grinding on wood, metal, and plastic.
  2. Silicon Carbide: Sharp and precise, perfect for non-metallic materials, soft metals, and finishing.
  3. Zirconia Alumina: Tough and durable with self-sharpening grains, excels in high-pressure applications and aggressive material removal on metal.
  4. Ceramic: The top performer, long-lasting and ideal for the most demanding tasks on hard metals.
    • Empire Abrasives Upgrade: Our ceramic resin fiber discs feature a specialized coating that stays cooler and reduces loading.

Why Choose Empire Abrasives?

  • Quality Abrasives: We use premium abrasive grains for consistent performance.
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  • Expert Advice: Need help choosing? Our abrasives experts are a phone call away.

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