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About our Floor Buffer Pads

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All of our floor buffing pads are non-woven, constructed out of premium polyester and virgin nylon fibers in an open web design. These fibers are embedded with abrasive grains, with varying grit sizes and concentrations for different applications including:

  • Cleaning

  • Scrubbing

  • Stripping

  • Buffing 

  • Polishing

  • Finishing between coats

More information is available on the different uses for each floor buffing pads colors can be found below.

These pads for buffing machines are thick and two-sided to allow the operator to use both sides of the pads just by flipping them over. This extends the life of the product and also adds convenience to your work. In addition, due to the open web nature of the pads, they are safe to use with water and can be rinsed clean. This makes the pads last much longer than alternatives that can load up with residue from buffing, polishing, scrubbing, and finishing floors with a buffer machine.

Maintenance Buffer Pads

Also known as floor scrubber pads, these are available in several color options, each with different recommended commercial and residential uses. They can be used on most surfaces as buffer pads for hardwood floors, concrete, tile, natural stone, and artificial stone.

Floor Buffer Pads Color Code 

White Buffing Pads 

These are recommended for dry polishing and buffing, but can also be used with a fine water mist when seeking a high-gloss shine on your floors. 

Max RPM - 1,000

Availability: 12” / 13” / 15” / 16” / 17” / 18” / 19” / 20” / 21”

Red Buffing Pads

Adds a shine to dull floors by dry polishing or spray buffing.

Max RPM - 800

Availability: 12” / 13” / 15” / 16” / 17” / 18” / 19” / 20” / 21”

Green Buffing Pads

Can be used either wet or dry when preparing a floor for sealant or staining by removing dirt and grime from the floor.

Max RPM - 350

Availability: 12” / 13” / 15” / 16” / 17” / 18” / 19” / 20” / 21”

Blue Buffing Pads

A general duty pad for scrubbing and cleaning before coating floors, using a coarser abrasive texture.

Availability: 13” / 15” / 16” / 17” / 18” / 19” / 20” / 21” 

Max RPM - 350

Black Buffing Pads

A super coarse scrubber pad made for heavy stripping in either wet or dry applications.

Max RPM - 350

Availability: 12” / 13” / 15” / 16” / 17” / 18” / 19” / 20” / 21”

Hi-Performance Black Buffing Pads

The most aggressive buffing pad option for the most difficult jobs in floor buffing and polishing.

Availability: 16” / 17” / 18” 

Max RPM - 350

Maroon Buffing Pads (Finishing Pad)

Maroon pads are in a different category than the floor pads above. Instead of being used as general maintenance pads, these are used between finishing coats. Maroon finisher pads lightly scrape the original finish on the floor. The small scratches allow the next finish coat to better adhere to the surface, promoting a much smoother and even finish.

Just like the maintenance pads above, maroon polishing pads can be used either wet or dry, are 2-sided/reversible, and can be reused and washed between uses.

Maroon buffing pads are available in 16”, 18”, and 20” to fit compatible floor buffing machines.

Still Have Questions?

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