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Grinding Wheels for Angle Grinders

Empire Abrasives has high quality grinding wheels & discs in stock today with fast shipping in 4.5", 5", 6", 7", and 9" sizes with flat and depressed center options.

What are Grinding Wheels?

A grinding wheel, also known as a grinding disc, is a consumable product formed into a circular/wheel shape that is made up of a grinding material.  They are built for varying tasks using different abrasive materials and come in a variety of sizes.  There are different style wheels for different tools.  All of Empire Abrasives grinding wheels can be fitted to an angle grinder.

What are Grinding Wheels Used For?

As the name suggests, the primary use of this tool is for grinding.  A few common uses are auto body work, grinding metal, removing rust, surface preparation, removing weld spatter, metal fabrication, and fast heavy stock removal. 

What is a T27 Grinding Wheel?

T27 grinding wheels have a flat shape to the face of the grinder attachment.  The alternative would be a curved/convex shaped T29, common in flap discs, which is more effective at working from steeper angles.

What are the Different Grinding Wheel Abrasive Materials?

Depending on the job at hand, you may need to look for different abrasive types for your project.  Different abrasive materials for grinding discs offer the ability to work with different metal surfaces better than others.  Modern grinding wheels can also come with blends of materials to grind metals of different hardness levels.  Common abrasives for grinding discs include aluminum oxide and silicon carbide grains. Some discs are specifically designed for soft metals when required to grind aluminum.

Grinding Wheel vs Cutting Wheel

At first glance they may look like the same tool, but these are definitely built for different uses.  Grinding discs have a thicker construction, increasing the surface area and strength of the wheel for grinding metals.  Cutting discs are often made of the same materials, but are much thinner to allow them to easily cut through metal.  Cutting wheels should not be used for grinding purposes to avoid risks of damaging the wheel or causing harm to the operator.