About Us

Empire Abrasives – Setting the Gold Standard for Abrasives

A Humble Beginning with a Global Vision

Founded over 15 years ago, Empire Abrasives embarked on a journey from a quaint family business with a clear vision – to set the gold standard in the world of abrasives. Fast forward to the present, we stand as a testament to relentless commitment, unwavering dedication, and the will to transcend challenges.

Our journey began with catering to enthusiastic home hobbyists. Today, it extends to giants of the Fortune 500, embodying our versatility, quality, and commitment. Over the years, we’ve expanded, not just in numbers, but in expertise, in reach, and most importantly, in the hearts of our customers.

From Family to a Global Family

Transitioning from a compact family-run venture to a globally recognized entity equipped with a full sales team and a vast warehouse operation wasn't a stroll in the park. It was a journey marked by perseverance, learning, and evolution. But despite our exponential growth, one thing remains unchanged – our familial bond with our customers. It's this bond that propels us to deliver quality with a personal touch, earning us the reputation of providing the friendliest service in the industry.

Innovation: The Heartbeat of Empire Abrasives

Empire Abrasives isn’t just about selling; it’s about evolving. With every turn of the calendar, we've added innovative products, refining our current offerings, aligning with the latest in technology and materials. Our pulse on the market trends and a keen ear to our customers' feedback keeps us a step ahead, ensuring that our product range is not just expansive but also on-point and relevant.

Reliability: Our Silent Pledge

In the world of business, words are plenty, but actions speak volumes. At Empire Abrasives, our actions are echoed in our systems – robust, reliable, and resilient. The result? Our shelves stay stocked 99% of the time, ensuring our customers never face the disappointment of stock-outs.

But we understand that having a product isn’t enough; it needs to reach the customer on time. With streamlined delivery systems, we ensure that our products don't just leave our warehouses but arrive at your doorstep or factory floor promptly, every single time. 

Continuous Evolution Through Reinvestment

Success isn’t the end; it’s the beginning of new challenges, new aspirations, and new milestones. Understanding this, we channel our achievements back into the business. Every accomplishment, every accolade, every satisfied customer fuels our passion for reinvestment. This cycle of growth and reinvestment ensures that our tools get sharper, our service gets smoother, and our bond with our customers grows stronger.

Leading the Online Abrasive Space

Our dedication to quality and service hasn't just carved a niche for us; it has positioned us as the leading online supplier of abrasives. It's a mantle we wear with pride and responsibility. In the vast realm of the internet, where reliability can often be fleeting, our customers have bestowed upon us their trust, turning to us time and again for their abrasive needs. We understand the weight of this trust, and we strive, day in and day out, to uphold and elevate this benchmark.

Empire Abrasives: Beyond Business

While our products and services speak of quality, our relationships speak of warmth, trust, and longevity. Every customer, whether an individual hobbyist or a multinational conglomerate, is a testament to our journey – a journey marked by mutual growth, shared successes, and a vision for a future that's brighter, better, and more efficient.

In Conclusion

Our story isn't just about abrasives; it's about a dream that transformed into a vision and then evolved into a legacy. As we pen this chapter, we invite you to be a part of our journey, to share our aspirations, to challenge our capabilities, and to grow with us.

Thank you for trusting Empire Abrasives. Here's to a partnership that grinds challenges to dust, polishes aspirations, and shines bright in the landscape of success.

Welcome to the Empire Abrasives family. Where excellence isn't a product; it's a promise.

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