abrasive drums

What are Coated Abrasive Drums

These are a line of sanding drums that have an abrasive material adhered to the surface of the drum. You’ll notice that each version is similar to other coated abrasive products (ex. - interleaf flap wheel drums compared to mounted flap wheels), but designed to work with specialty surface finishing machines in mind.

They are extremely popular among autobody workers and metal fabricators who want a tool that can quickly strip paint and rust from metal surfaces.

What can Abrasive Drums be Used for?

Each abrasive drum has different capabilities, so please read the individual product listings to learn more about their unique uses. Below is a list of jobs that these different abrasive drums we carry can tackle:

  • Paint and rust removal
  • Wood sanding
  • Metal preparation
  • Deburring
  • Scale removal
  • Finishing & Blending
  • Removing body filler
  • Glue, sealant, and other adhesive removal
  • Scale and oxidation removal
  • Cleaning welds

What Tools are Abrasive Drums Compatible with?

Each drum is cylindrical and 4” long with a 3/4" quad key shaft. These attachments are made to work with surface finishing machines and linear grinders that connect to a 3/4" keyed shaft. Examples include:

  • Contour surface conditioning tool
  • Burnishing machines
  • Handheld drum sanders

Types of Coated Abrasive Drives

Expanding Rubber Drums

Our Black Hawk Abrasives rubber expanding drums are meant to be used with replacement sanding bands for a variety of tasks. The rubber drum is reusable and capable of easily swapping different types of sanding drum sleeves so you can change the grits as needed. The sanding paper bands slide on easy, but stay in place when in use. As the rubber sanding drum spins with your surface conditioning tool, it expands in size to keep a snug fit for your replacement bands.

Replacement Sanding Sleeves

These 3.5” by 4” sanding belts are used by sliding them onto the Black Hawk Abrasives expanding rubber drum that keeps them from sliding around when the drum is spinning. Empire abrasives carries both aluminum oxide sleeves as well as ceramic sanding bands.

Aluminum oxide sanding bands are available in multiple grit sizes from 60 grit (medium-coarse) to 400 grit (very fine). Our ceramic sanding bands are available from 40 grit (coarse) through 120 grit (fine).

Easy Strip and Clean Drum

This is a favorite for many auto body restoration jobs and for metal workers who need to quickly remove paint or for heavy rust removal, finding it a better option than a media blaster in many cases. These particular drums can quickly clean and strip while leaving the surface below intact. The strip and clean abrasive drum is made up of a non-woven black nylon coated with silicon carbide grains.

Flap Wheel Sanding Drum

These flap wheel drums are similar to the traditional flap wheels that you’d see used with an angle grinder or a power drill, but designed for surface conditioning tools and linear grinders to cover more area in a faster time than their alternatives. The abrasive flaps are coated with aluminum oxide grains that make them excellent for deburring and/or removing stock, paint, scale, and rust.

Interleaf Flap Wheel Drum

Similar in design to our flap wheel drums, the interleaf drums are designed with multiple sandpaper flaps extending from the center of the attachment. Additionally, in between each flap is a section of non-woven material that makes this an incredible time saver. The aluminum oxide sanding flaps aggressively remove material and rust while the non-woven section conditions metal, saving you an additional step in the process.