quick change discs

What are Quick Change Discs?

Quick change abrasive discs are small grinding discs that are ideal for confined spaces that larger sanding discs cannot be maneuvered into or when you only need to work on a smaller area.  Quick change discs are used for general purpose grinding, stock removal and deburring. Other uses include cleaning up welds, removing scale oxidation, paints, and protective waxes, surface leveling, mold, and cavity grinding.

They come in a variety of designs that look like mini sanding disc versions of other full-size abrasives like flap discs, surface conditioning discs, polishing discs, etc.

Quick Change Disc Tool Compatibility

Quick-change discs are compatible with die grinders, power drills, and air grinders.  To attach the sanding discs to the tool, you will need a backing pad matching the size of the disc.  The backing pad/holder connects the twist lock sanding discs to the tools using a rubber backed type 4 roll-on / roll-off fastening.

Quick Change Sanding Discs Types

As mentioned earlier, these are all very similar to other abrasive products you’d find in a full-size tool, but a smaller version to make them a compatible die grinder, air grinder, and power drill sanding disc.  Below are the different types available:

Standard Quick Change Sanding Discs

The economically priced small sanding discs for drills, die grinders, and air grinders are available with the majority of abrasive grains you would find in other abrasive discs.  Depending on the job at hand, you can choose from aluminum oxide, zirconia, zirconia with grinding aid, and ceramic with grinding aid.  Grinding aid helps prevent loading and reduces heat buildup.

Mini Flap Discs

We carry both the 2 inch flapper disc and 3 inch quick change flap discs.  Just like their larger alternative for angle grinders, they feature overlapping flaps of abrasive sanding sheets.  These last much longer than other mini grinding discs and are great for jobs such as cleaning weld lines, deburring, removing rust, and blending metal in confined areas.  They are available in multiple grits of zirconia abrasives.

Polish Plus Pads

Quick felt polishing pads are a perfect drill or die grinder attachment for precision polishing in small areas.  Each of our sizes of small buffing discs is made of premium 100% Australian wool which, combined with a polishing compound or paste, can get an ideal shine on most metals, like stainless steel and aluminum, in addition to glass, stone, and plastics.

Quick Change Unitized Wheels

Our 2” and 3” unitized discs feature non-woven nylon fibers with options of different abrasive grains and densities.  Lower density wheels are more flexible, making them optimal for creating a more uniform finish that can work on flat, contoured, and irregular surfaces.  High density unitized discs are more suited for heavy-duty applications and also last much longer.

Quick Change Surface Conditioning Discs

These small non-woven locking discs are used to prep a small area or for hard to reach and odd angles of grinding.  Our quick-change surface conditioning discs are made up of an open nylon webbing impregnated with aluminum oxide grains.  They are available in coarse (60-80 grit), medium (100-150 grit), and fine (280-360 grit).