aluma cut - 1/8" shank

Aluma Cut Carbide Burrs with 1/8" Shanks

Power through your aluminum, copper, brass, and other non-ferrous metal projects with ease.  BHA’s Aluma Cut Carbide Burrs with 1/8" shanks are engineered for smooth cutting, fast stock removal, and minimal loading. Perfect for deburring, shaping, and porting softer metals, they're a must-have in your toolbox.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimized for Aluminum: Wide, single-cut flutes that prevent clogging and ensure smooth, efficient cutting in aluminum, brass, copper, and other soft metals.
  • Upgraded Silver-Brazed Bond: With our advanced silver soldering connection, these burrs resist breakage under heavy stock removal in better than the industry standard copper weld.
  • Precision Engineered Flutes: Utilizing state-of-the-art five-axis CNC machining, each burr is precision-ground for sharp, consistent, and precise cuts.
  • Every Shape You Need: Our full lineup of ⅛” burrs covers it all - from basic cylinder and ball to specialty tree, flame, and unique profiles.
  • Versatile 1/8" Shank: Compatible with most die grinders and other rotary tools from your favorite brands.

Shapes of ⅛” Aluma Cut Carbide Burrs

Each carbide burr head shape has their own specialty uses. Empire Abrasives offers a range of Aluma Cut Carbide Burrs in various shapes to suit any of your applications:

  • SB - Cylinder w/ End Cut
  • SC - Cylinder w/ Radius End Cut
  • SD - Ball
  • SE - Oval/Egg
  • SF - Rounded Tree
  • SG - Pointed Tree
  • SH - Flame
  • SL - Tapered
  • SM - Pointed Cone
  • SN - Inverted Cone

Order Now - Fast Shipping!

Upgrade your metalworking capabilities with BHA Aluma Cut Carbide Burrs! We stock a massive inventory, with most orders shipping out within one business day. If you have any questions, our abrasives experts are available by phone, email or website chat. Off-hours, leave a message, and we'll get back to you the next business day.


What materials are Aluma Cut Carbide Burrs best for?

They are used primarily for aluminum, brass, copper, carbon fiber, plastics, hard rubber, and other non-ferrous metals.

What's the difference between Aluma Cut and double cut carbide burrs?

Aluma Cut features wider flutes for faster, smoother cutting on softer materials.

Can I use these burrs with a Dremel tool?

It depends on the model – most Dremels accept 1/8" shanks, just be sure to check your tool's specifications.

Does Empire Abrasives offer assortment/variety packs?

Yes, we have assorted carbide burr sets, including our variety pack of 1/8" burrs in 10 different shapes to cover a variety of applications.

Are aluma cut and single cut carbide burrs the same thing?

Sort of, yes. At Empire Abrasives, our Aluma Cut burrs are a specific type of single-cut burr we've designed with features particularly well-suited for working with aluminum and other soft metals.