Premium Arbors/Mandrels for Die Grinders and Power Drills

At Empire Abrasive, we carry a variety of mandrels and die grinder attachments for your cutting and grinding needs. Designed to be compatible with various abrasive power tools, our mandrels offer quick and easy attachment that last under heavy duty use. 

Types of Grinder Mandrels We Offer

Cut Off Wheel Mandrels: 

Our ¼” cut-off wheel mandrels are designed to attach 2” or 3” cutting wheels in place for high speed air tools and power drills. They are available for different arbor sizes - ⅜” and ¼”. 

Cross Pad Mandrels: 

Quickly attach cross pads to your die grinder or drill. Cross-shaped abrasive pads are great for grinding and finishing inside diameters. Our threaded cross pad mandrels are easy to install and built to withstand high-speed rotations.

Cartridge Roll Mandrels: 

Secures cartridge rolls for deburring and finishing hard-to-reach areas. They provide a stable and reliable grip, allowing for precise control for detailed work.

Spiral Band Drum Adapters: 

Used to attach spiral bands for sanding and smoothing surfaces, these adapters are perfect for contour sanding. The drum adapters expand when in use to ensure a tight fit, reducing slippage and enhancing sanding efficiency.

Key Features of Our Mandrels

  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials that last long and can be trusted for reliable performance.
  • Easy Attachment: Designed for quick and secure attachment of abrasive tools to die grinders and power drills.

Why Choose Empire Abrasives Mandrels?

Empire Abrasives is committed to providing the highest quality abrasive products at competitive prices. Our mandrels are carefully selected to meet the needs of professionals and DIYers. When you choose our mandrels, you get:

  • Fast Shipping: Get your abrasive products when you need them with our quick shipping options. Most orders are shipped out within 1 business day.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Our knowledgeable team of abrasives experts is available to assist you with any questions or concerns.
  • Wide Selection: From flap discs to sandpaper, we have everything you need to complete your projects.


Q: Arbor vs Mandrel - What is the difference?

A: In terms of abrasive products, they are the same thing. Both names are used for tools that mount abrasives like cutting discs or cross pads to a grinder or drill. 

Q: How do I choose the right mandrel for my tool?

A: Check compatibility with the type of abrasive attachment you intend to use. Then check the shank size to make sure the mandrel matches the collet size of your tool. 

Q: Can I use these mandrels with any brand of power tool?

A: Our mandrels are designed to be universally compatible with die grinders and power drills from your favorite brands. Just make sure to verify that the shank size is compatible with your specific tool brand.