double cut - 1/8" shank

Double Cut Carbide Burrs with 1/8" Shanks

Achieve professional-grade results on metalworking projects with our premium double cut carbide burrs featuring 1/8" shanks. These powerful rotary cutting tools are engineered to deliver unmatched performance, durability, and precision, making them a must-have in any professional or DIYer’s toolbox.

Crafted from ultra-tough tungsten carbide, our double cut carbide burrs are designed to tackle shaping, carving, and refining metals and other hard materials with ease. 

Features and Benefits

  • Double Cut Design: Maximize stock removal with fast cutting action on a range of materials with smaller chips and minimal loading.
  • Tungsten Carbide Construction: Has exceptional wear resistance and a long lifespan, even on tough materials like steel.
  • Silver-Brazed Construction: Upgraded with a premium silver soldering that enhances lateral strength of the burr and resists breakage better than the industry standard copper weld.
  • Precision Ground Flutes: Cut from premium tungsten carbide using five axis CNC machines improving cutting accuracy and surface finish.
  • Precision 1/8" Shank: Compatibility with most die grinders and rotary tools from your favorte brands.
  • Huge Variety of Shapes: Choose the perfect burr for your project, from cylindrical and ball shapes to pointed and flame-shaped options.

Types of ⅛” Double Cut Carbide Burrs 

Our full range of double cut carbide burrs with 1/8" shanks includes a variety of shapes to meet your specific needs. From cylindrical burrs for smoothing and deburring to spherical burrs for creating intricate contours and pointed burrs for precise detailing work, we have the carbide burr you need for any application including:
The shapes include:

  • SA - Cylinder
  • SB - Cylinder w/ End Cut
  • SC - Cylinder w/ Ball Nose
  • SD - Ball
  • SE - Oval/Egg
  • SF - Rounded Tree
  • SG - Pointed Tree
  • SH - Flame
  • SJ - Cone (60 Degree)
  • SK - Cone (90 Degree)
  • SL - Tapered
  • SM - Pointed Cone
  • SN - Inverted Cone

Order Yours Now

Order your ⅛” double cut carbide burrs today. Our products are typically shipped out within one business day. If you have questions or need guidance on choosing the right type of carbide burr, our abrasives experts are here to help. Contact us during business hours by phone, email, or online chat. After hours, feel free to leave us a voicemail or email, and we’ll get back to you the next business day.


What is the difference between single cut and double-cut carbide burrs? 

Single cut burrs have a single spiral cutting edge. Double cut burrs have two intersecting spiral cutting edges. Double cut burrs are more aggressive and efficient at material removal but can leave a slightly rougher surface finish compared to single cut burrs. Single cut burrs are recommended for softer metals like aluminum.

What is a carbide burr used for? 

Carbide burrs are used for a wide range of applications, including deburring, finishing, shaping, sculpting, and material removal on metals, plastics, wood, and other materials.

What tools are carbide burrs compatible with? 

Carbide burrs with 1/8" shanks are compatible with rotary tools, die grinders, and other tools that accept 1/8" shank accessories. They fit popular brands’ power tools like Dremel, DeWalt, and Milwaukee.

How do I choose the right shape of carbide burr for my project? 

The shape of the carbide burr you choose depends on your specific end goal. Cylindrical burrs are great for smoothing and deburring, spherical burrs are ideal for creating contours, and pointed burrs are perfect for precise detailing work. Each product page lists the best uses for each burr head shape, but feel free to get in touch with us if you need any guidance.