cartridge rolls

Sanding Cartridge Rolls

Cartridge rolls are an incredibly useful sanding tool for jobs that require an abrasive to get into hard to reach areas and tight corners, deburring the insides of holes, and for lapping operations. Additionally, they can help metalworkers and woodworkers with sanding contoured surfaces and grinding some of the more detailed sections of their workpieces.

Our abrasive cartridge rolls are made up of premium aluminum oxide abrasive grains in various grits, resin bonded to a cloth backing. The abrasive strips are tightly wound into a either cylinder or conical-shape rolls.

The cloth is designed to break down as the outer layer of abrasives is used up, which consistently exposes fresh abrasive layers. This allows for aggressive cutting and significantly increases the life of the product while also cutting down on work time as the user does not need to replace worn out rolls as often.

Cartridge Roll Mandrels

These particular abrasives are designed to attach to die grinders, power drills, and several other portable air and electric tools. In order to attach a cartridge roll to your tools, they require a mandrel that has a compatible pilot width to a cartridge roll’s pilot hole diameter.

Cartridge roll mandrels are reusable and each size is compatible with multiple different roll sizes. Please see the product specifications for the mandrels above for information on compatible sizes.

Tapered vs Straight Rolls

Tapered Cartridge Rolls (aka Sanding Cones)

Tapered rolls are tightly wound in a cone/angle shape. These are used most often for applications requiring the most precision and on jobs with irregular contour, fillets, and intricate shapes.

Straight Cartridge Rolls

Straight rolls have an even and cylindrical shape. They are great for grinding and deburring inside narrow locations and sanding down holes cut with a hole saw.

Aluminum Oxide Rolls

Empire Abrasive cartridge rolls are available with with high quality aluminum oxide grains. Aluminum oxide is a strong and durable general-purpose abrasive that can be used for sanding and deburring most ferrous and non-ferrous metals and metal alloys, wood, fiberglass, and many other surfaces.