bonded cutting & grinding

Bonded Abrasive Wheels

If it's aggressive stock removal and precise cuts you are looking for, you've come to the right place. Whether the job is grinding down a weld or cutting through steel pipe, the products in this section have got you covered. New cut-off and grinding wheels will be added regularly so make sure to check back!

What are Bonded Abrasives?

These are types of abrasive wheels consisting of abrasive grains densely bonded with resin and specialty fillers to make a solid wheel/disc form. They are made for either grinding or cutting metal, glass, ceramics, plastics, and other materials. Thicker wheels are generally used for grinding and thinner for cutting.

When using a bonded abrasive, the wheel will spin against the surface of your workpiece. The friction will grind/cut the surface, as well as wear away the outer layer of the disc. As the outer layer wears away, new layers are exposed featuring fresh abrasive grains allowing you to consistently grind or cut without the wheel dulling.

Types of Bonded Abrasive Wheels?

The main differences in bonded abrasive wheels comes from how thick the actual disc is.

Cutting Wheels

A cutting wheel (cut-off wheel) can quickly cut through metal and other materials. They are most commonly manufactured in ⅛” and 1/16” thicknesses. Ultra thin wheels are also available that are 0.04” and 0.045” thick, which cut faster with less material waste, but are not as long lasting as their thicker counterparts. 

Safety note - Cutting discs should never be used for grinding surfaces and should always be used at a right angle to your surface.

Grinding Wheels

A grinding disc/wheel for an angle grinder is going to be about twice as thick as a cutoff disc. Resin bonded grinding wheels are used for general metal grinding, deburring, auto body work, removing rust, surface preparation, removing weld spatter, metal fabrication, and rapid stock removal.

Chop Saw Wheels

Chop saw wheels are similar in thickness to regular cutoff wheels, but much larger and used for different applications. A regular cutting wheel is usually used with a smaller hand tool like a die grinder or angle grinder, while a chop saw wheel is used for heavy duty cutting in a stationary chop saw or a portable gas powered chop saw.