polishing discs

Our line of BHA Polish Plus felt polishing discs are made of premium 100% Australian wool felt.  These high-quality felt buffing wheels are flexible enough for use on flat or contoured surfaces.  It is a durable material that does not heat up as fast of many other buffing and polishing products. 

What can Felt Discs Polish?

Buffing discs made of felt material are extremely versatile. With the right buffing compound or polishing paste, they can get a perfect finish on most metals from aluminum to stainless steel, plastics, stone, plastic, glass, and marble.

Types of Polishing Discs

Angle Grinder Polishing Discs

We carry two different types of felt polishing discs for angle grinders - felt polishing disc and felt polishing flap disc. The recommended speed for polishing metals is 3,000 RPM.

4.5" x 7/8" XL Flat Felt Polishing Disc

This extra-thick felt disc is a great angle grinder buffing disc for final stage polishing. The 5/8" thickness is designed to be long-lasting and increase the surface area of the buffing wheel.

Felt Polishing Flap Disc

A felt flap disc is an economical option to a flat grinder polishing wheel. The way the flaps are laid out across the disc increases airflow while working, which reduces the possible heat build up.

Quick Change Polish Plus Discs

Our 2” quick change polishing discs and 3” quick change polishing discs for drills, die grinders, and air grinders work extremely well in small and hard to reach areas. They require a roloc style backing pad to connect to your power tool.

Are Felt Polishing Wheels Reusable?

If you keep your felt pads clean and store them properly, you can definitely reuse them on future projects. However, it is not recommended to reuse any buffing and polishing products with different polishing compounds. You should always wipe down the surface every time you change to a different polishing compound or paste, and also use different pads for each different compounds. This will avoid the possibility of mixing early stage buffing and cutting compounds with late and final stage compounds.