sanding drums

Sanding Drums for Handheld Linear Grinders/Burnishing Machines

4.5" handheld drum sander drums, in stock and ready to ship!  Compatible with major linear grinders and burnishing/polishing machines. Fast shipping available.

Compatible Tools

Designed for use with major drum sanders that use a 4” to 4.5” sanding drum with a 3/4" quad key shaft. The power tools these attach to go by many names including a linear grinder, handheld drum sander, burnishing tool, surface conditioning tools, or popular brand names like the Eastwood® Contour SCT.

Types of Abrasive Drums

We carry a wide variety of different drums for whatever application you need it for. Whether you are polishing an airstream, stripping paint off of a car, or removing scale/oxidation, we’ve got you covered.

Coated Abrasive Drums

Coated drums are those which have an abrasive grain coating. You can compare this to a drum shaped version of a sanding disc or flap wheels. The abrasive grains are useful when you need to grind down metals or remove paint/rust from the surface of a workpiece. The sanding bands with an expandable rubber drum are great for sanding large wooden surfaces like a deck.

Variations: Sanding Bands* (ceramic or aluminum oxide), Flap Wheel Drums, Interleaf Flap Wheel Drums, Easy Strip & Clean Drums

*The sanding drum sleeves/bands require a reusable 3.5" rubber expanding drum, sold seperately.

Wire Drums

The wire abrasive drums are designed with stiff wire pieces extending from the center of the drum. The open structure provides extra airflow which won’t heat up as much as a coated abrasive, avoiding damage to temperature sensitive surfaces. These are great for removing heavy rust and scale from metal. The nylon drums are designed to work safely around nuts and other uneven surfaces.

Variations: Steel Brush Drums, Nylon Wire Brush Drums

Non-Woven Abrasive Drums

Non-woven abrasives are made of an open weave of fibers, coated with abrasive materials. They are not as aggressive as coated or wire drums, and generally used as finishing drums for late stage grinding/sanding, conditioning metal, and/or prepping a surface for buffing and polishing.

Variations: Surface Conditioning Drum, Interleaf Flap Wheel Drums, Easy Strip & Clean Drums

Buffing Drums

Made to help operators buff and polish large projects extremely fast. This is a popular burnishing tool attachment for individuals looking for a tool to buff an airstream or RV quickly. Buffing drums are meant to be used with buffing compounds for the best outcome.

Variations: Spiral Sewn Buffing Drum, Wool Flap Buffing Drum