1" x 42" Surface Conditioning Sanding Belt

Brand: Empire Abrasives

Pack Size:
1 Belt
Surface Conditioning

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Product Description

1" x 42" Surface Conditioning Sanding Belt

Name: 1"x42" Surface Conditioning Belt

Empire Abrasives 1 inch x 42 inch Surface Conditioning belts are BUILT IN USA and designed to work with compatible sized back-stand belt sanders, bench-stand grinders, portable belt sanders, and knife belt sanders.

What is a surface conditioning belt?

These specialty belt sander belts are constructed of flexible non-woven nylon mesh fibers that are embedded with abrasive grains. Instead of grinding away a surface like a regular sanding belt, our 1" x 42" surface conditioning belts are best used for minimal stock removal tasks such as cleaning, deburring, finishing, blending surfaces, and cleaning away grinding marks/lines. They can quickly create a clean straight line finish and significantly cut down on (or eliminate) time spent hand sanding when finishing a knife blade or creating a satin finish on most surfaces.

Empire Abrasives non-woven surface conditioning belts resist loading, leading to a longer lasting belt and a cleaner finish. The non-woven structure reduces heat building, preventing discoloring or damaging your surfaces.

Each belt color represents a different grit/coarseness level: tan (coarse), red (medium), blue (fine), and gray (ultra-fine).

Suitable For: All Metals,‎ Wood, Paints and Coatings
Width: 1″
Length: 42″

Tan (Coarse): 60 - 80 Grit

Red (Medium): 100 - 150 Grit

Blue (Fine): 220 - 320 Grit

Gray (Ultra Fine): 400 Grit

Material: Non-Woven
Use: Portable Belt Sander, Benchstand Grinder, Backstand Belt Grinder, Knife Belt Sanders, 1SM 1 x 42 inch Kalamazoo Industries Industrial Belt Sander, Grizzly H8192 - 1" X 42" Belt with 8" Disc Sander
Quantity: 1 Belt per Order

Looking for a different size, material or grit? We have access to an extensive amount of hard to find sanding belts. Please contact us and let us know what your looking for.

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