10" x 3" x 5/8" - 16 Ply White Untreated Airway Buff

Brand: BHA - Black Hawk Abrasives

Pack Size:
1 Buff

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Product Description

10” x 3" x 5/8" Untreated Airway Buffing Wheel

10” White Untreated Cotton Airway Buff with 3” Center Plate and 5/8” Arbor Hole in the right hands is the most versatile of the airway buffs. Depending on the compound used, the white cotton 86/80 untreated airway buff can aggressively cut or gently color. These buffs can be used effectively with any compound we offer. That said, the white untreated airway buff really shines when paired with green compound, white diamond, blue or pink rouges in final step applications where high lustre finish is desired. These buffs are softer than the blue or yellow mill treated airway buffs but more rough than white domet flannel airway buff. As its name implies, these passive buffing wheels are “untreated” meaning the cotton plys have not been altered and feature minimal stiffness. White airway buffing wheels are made up of 16 plys of cotton mounted to a 3 inch steel ring center to create pleats in the cotton surface. The pleats allow the buffing wheel to run cooler and in turn keep the surface being polished cool as well. The cooling action protects your work and the buff so its lifespan is extra-long. These airway buffs are designed to be used on polishers. MADE IN USA.

Pack Size: 1 Buffing Wheel

Product Features / Benefits:

  • White Untreated 86/80 Cotton: Soft but versatile, able to cut or color depending on the compound 
  • Steel Center Plate: Added strength and durability
  • Pleated Layers: Keeps the buffing wheel and the work piece cool
  • 16 Ply: Extended life and superior polishing surface area

Use with (Compound):

  • Black "Magic" Buffing Compound
  • Gray Buffing Compound
  • Brown Tripoli Buffing Compound
  • Green Rouge Buffing Compound
  • White "Diamond" Buffing Compound
  • Pink Rouge Buffing Compound
  • Blue Rouge Buffing Compound


Use on (Machine):

  • Polisher / Buffer



  • Diameter = 10"
  • Arbor Hole = 5/8"
  • Center Plate = 3"
  • Mill Treatment = NONE
  • Ply = 16
  • Max RPM = 3000

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