19" x 1" Floor Maintenance Buffer Pads - 5 Pack

Brand: Mercer

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5 Pads
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Product Description

19" Floor Buffing Maintenance Pads

These 19" Buffer Floor Maintenance Pads are perfect for maintaining a variety of floors to achieve a quick finish and shine. The floor scrubber pads are a full 1" thick and come in a multitude of colors, each serving a different purpose such as cleaning, scrubbing, stripping, buffing and polishing. These floor buffer pads are also impregnated with abrasive grains in a non-woven synthetic fiber on both sides so that each side may be used with equal effectiveness for maximum longevity. They sport an open web design in addition to a thick construction utilizing virgin nylon and polyester fibers bonded with elastic synthetic resin, creating an extremely durable floor pad which may be used either wet or dry. Because of this, they are also washable and reusable and are resistant to tearing a snagging. These buffer floor pads are also thick enough to effectively adjust to the contours of uneven floors. These commercial floor scrubber pads are used on many different types of floors, such as ceramic tile, marble, and wood, and are commonly used in the hardwood flooring, marine, rental and woodworking industries using a floor sander or buffer.



Pad Color Recommended Use
White Used for dry polishing/buffing or with fine water mist for high-gloss shine. Can also be used as a cushion between machine and a sandscreen or double-sided sanding disc. (Max RPM 1,000)
Red Used for low-speed dry polishing or spray buffing. Turns dull floors shiny. (Max RPM 800)
Green Used wet or dry for removal of surface dirt/grime to prepare for new sealant or stain. (Max RPM 350)
Blue Used for general duty scrubbing and cleaning before recoating. (Max RPM 350)
Black Used wet or dry for heavy stripping. Super-coarse.
Hi-Performance Black Used for very difficult jobs. Extremely aggressive, open and porous. (Only available 16-18") (Max RPM 350)


Product Features:

  • Variety of applications supported through each color
  • Can use wet or dry
  • Resistant to snags and tears
  • Polyester fibers with synthetic adhesives
  • Washable and reusable
  • Thick construction for durability
  • Open web design resists clogging


Works well on the following materials:

  • Hardwood floors
  • Tile
  • Natural Stone
  • Artificial Stone
  • Concrete


Use on:

  • Floor Buffer



  • Dimensions = 19” Diameter, 1" Thick
  • Material = Polyester and nylon fibers bonded with elastic synthetic resin
  • Colors = White, Red, Green, Blue, Black


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