2" Gold Hook and Loop Sanding Discs - 50 Pack

Brand: BHA - Black Hawk Abrasives

Pack Size:
50 Discs
Aluminum Oxide
Orbital Sander / DA

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Product Description

2” Hook & Loop Sanding Discs with Gold Stearate Coated Aluminum Oxide

BHA’s 2” Hook & Loop Gold Sanding Discs perfectly blends premium aluminum oxide with a gold stearate coating. We've crafted superior abrasive discs that deliver consistent, fast-cutting action while resisting clogging and loading. Designed with professionals in mind, our discs offer top-tier performance, but for half the price of the big-name brands. Experience Premium Sanding – Buy Yours Now!


Product Features

  • Anti-Clogging Coating: Gold Stearate coating minimizes loading for uninterrupted sanding.
  • High Quality Abrasives: Premium Aluminum Oxide is ideal for fast and efficient sanding.
  • Reusable Hook and Loop Design: Strong connection for consistent performance and easily switch discs for new grits.
  • Tear Resistant Backing: Durable C-weight backing stands up to the most rigorous tasks.
  • Extended Durability: Durable aluminum oxide, anti-loading coating, and tear-resistant backing extend disc life.
  • Heat Resistance: Phenolic bond and gold stearate coating ensure minimal heat generation.
  • Small Size: 2” Sanding disc size is ideal for detailed sanding like auto body work, restoring antique furniture, and bowl sanding.

What Sets Our Discs Apart?

  • Versatile Sanding: Ideal for both rough and fine sanding on diverse surfaces from woods and metals to composites and coated surfaces.
  • Consistent Performance: Gold Stearate coating for even sanding without frequent clogs.
  • Economical Choice: Reusable hook & loop means more value for your money.
  • Durable Design: Crafted for longevity, ensuring fewer replacements and more savings.
  • User-Friendly: Easy installation and removal for a hassle-free sanding experience.
  • Rugged Construction: Tear-resistant backing keeps the disc from ripping or shredding, even during aggressive sanding.
  • Cooler Operations: Exceptional heat resistance protects your workpiece from burns and warping, while also extending the disc life.
  • Bulk Advantage: 50-disc pack offers convenience and savings for frequent use.
  • The Grits You Need: Choose from 40 (rough sanding) up to 600 (fine polishing) for all your sanding needs.

Materials Suitable for Sanding/Grinding

  • Metals:
    • Ferrous Metals: Steel, stainless steel, iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron
    • Non-Ferrous Metals: Aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, zinc, titanium, nickel
  • Woods:
    • Softwoods: Pine, cedar, spruce, fir, redwood
    • Hardwoods: Oak, maple, cherry, walnut, ash, beech, birch, mahogany, teak, poplar
  • Plastics: Acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS, PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene
  • Composites: Fiberglass, carbon fiber, composite decking
  • Surfaces:
    • Auto body filler
    • Painted surfaces
    • Lacquered surfaces
    • Varnished surfaces
    • Epoxy surfaces
    • Gelcoat surfaces
  • Others:
    • Drywall
    • Ceramic tiles (for scuffing or surface prep)
    • Stone surfaces (soft sanding or cleaning)

Common Applications

  • Wood furniture restoration
  • Automotive bodywork preparation
  • Metal blending and finishing
  • Rust removal from metal surfaces
  • Paint and varnish stripping
  • Surface preparation for painting
  • Smoothing out welds
  • Surface finishing
  • Contour sanding
  • Preparing metal surfaces for painting
  • Sanding down drywall
  • Removing old finishes from wood
  • Smoothing out wooden crafts
  • Refinishing cabinetry
  • Bowl Sanding
  • General-Use Sanding

Product Specifications

  • Abrasive Grain: Aluminum Oxide
  • Load Resistant Coating: Gold Stearate
  • Backing Material: Heavy C-Weight Backing (tear resistant)
  • Bonding: Full Phenolic Resin Bond
  • Dimensions: 2” Diameter
  • Vacuum Holes: None
  • Bulk Pack: 50 Discs
  • Compatible Tools: Die grinders, air grinders, electric drill, rotary tools, mini orbital sander
  • Grits: 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 220, 320, 400, 600
  • Connection Adhesive: Hook and Loop (Requires 2-inch hook & loop backing pad)

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