4" x 5/8"-11 Nylon Wire Cup Brush

Brand: BHA - Black Hawk Abrasives

Pack Size:
1 Brush
Variable Speed Polisher
Angle Grinder
Nylon Abrasive Filament

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Product Description

4" Nylon Wire Cup Brush with 5/8"-11 Arbor Hole

The 4-inch Nylon Wire Cup Brush with 5/8”-11 Arbor Hole by BHA was designed with versatility in mind. These 4” x 5/8” cup brushes can be used on all metals, wood, tile, plastic, PVC, stone and more. They excel at removing rust, stripping paint, removing glue, sealant, mill scale, oxidation, excess grout, and prepping truck beds for bed liner. Nylon wire cup brushes like BHA’s will conform to the work piece as opposed to getting snagged on protrusions so they can be used on uneven surfaces including those with nuts, bolts, brackets, or rivets without catching edges. The bristles are flexible allowing for them flex around imperfections. The 4 inch Nylon Cup Brush is capable of moderate to light stock removal depending on the grit selected.

Nylon cup brush consists of heat resistant, nylon bristles, impregnated with abrasive grains. As the wire brush is used and the nylon wears away the filaments reveal new sharp abrasives creating a longer more consistent useable life when compared to metal wire brush alternatives. These cup brushes come standard with a 5/8”-11 arbor hole make them compatible with most variable speed angle grinders, polishers and buffers.

These cup brushes can be used wet or dry, are non-sparking, and remain cooler than metal wire brushes during use which protects not only the work pieces but the brush itself. BHA offers the 4 inch nylon cup brush in 3 grits: Gray – Coarse (80 grit) for higher stock removal such as removing rust from iron. Red – Medium (120 Grit) for more moderate stock removal such cleaning and prepping surfaces for sprayable truck bed liner coatings. Blue – Fine (240 Grit) for light cleaning and blending such as removing paint from finished woods or work on fiberglass.


•    Non-shedding filament
•    Non-sparking
•    Will not corrode or rust (or create "after rust")
•    Flexes around uneven surfaces such as nuts & bolts 
•    Can be used Wet or Dry
•    Wide Sanding Surface Area

Suitable For:
•    All Metals
•    Wood
•    Tile
•    Plastics
•    PVC
•    Stone
•    Cement
•    Mortar
•    Fiberglass

Uses Include:
•    Rust removal
•    Stripping paint
•    Glue, sealant and other adhesive removal
•    Bondo and body filler removal
•    Scale and oxidation removal
•    Excess grout removal
•    Cleaning and prep for truck bed liner coating

Use on:
•    Variable Speed Angle Grinder
•    Variable Speed Buffer / Polisher

•    Style = Cup Brush
•    Diameter = 4"
•    Arbor Hole = 5/8"-11
•    Max RPM = 8,500
•    Material = Abrasive Impregnated Nylon Wire
•    Grit = Gray (Coarse): 80 Grit, Red (Medium): 120 Grit, Blue (Fine): 240 Grit

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