Green Rouge Metal Buffing Compound - Large Bar

Brand: Empire Abrasives

Pack Size:
1 Bar

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Product Description

Green Rouge Aluminum and Stainless Steel Buffing Compound

Green Rouge Polishing Compound is a premium, semi-wet, coloring buffing compound bar that is able to create a high luster on both ferrous and non ferrous metals. The green buffing compound bar is known as a “high color bar” and is able to add extreme depth of color, providing an even brighter finish than our white “blizzard” bar. The green rouge is versatile and capable of buffing brass, copper, iron, nickel, platinum, and steel. However, it is particularly effective at coloring stainless steel and aluminum. Our green rouge compound bar is one of the most popular finishing buffing compounds on the market as it is an ideal choice for final coloring and shining most materials to an even, high luster finish. These green buffing bars are recommended to be paired with our white air-way buffing wheel or spiral sewn conventional buffs or loose conventional buffs for optimal results. The Green Rouge comes standard at an industrial size bar that weighs approximately 3 lbs and measures at 10.75” in length, 2.5” width, and 2” in height. This allows it to be big enough to stand up to a substantial workload. MADE IN USA. 

Pack Size: 1 Bar

Product Features / Benefits:

  • Extra Large (Approx. 3 Pounds): Long Lasting and great value
  • Semi-Wet: Effective in most environments. Not too greasy and not too dry
  • Versatile: Can cut, color, and finish depending on the material

Use with (Buffing Wheel):

  • Sisal Buffing Wheel
  • White Untreated Airway Buffing Wheel
  • Yellow Airway Buffing Wheel


Use on (Material):

  • Aluminum (Extra Effective at Coloring)
  • Stainless Steel (Extra Effective at Finishing)
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Nickel
  • Platinum
  • Steel
  • Zinc



  • Length = 10.75"
  • Width = 2.5"
  • Height = 2"
  • Weight = Approx. 3 lbs.
  • Wetness = Semi-Wet

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