Welders Toothbrush Wire Scratch Brush (Brass)

Brand: Mercer

Pack Size:
1 Brush
Hand Tool

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Product Description

6-7/8" x 1/2" Brass Wire Scratch Brush

SOLD IN PACKS OF 1 (Individually)

The 6-7/8” Brass Welders’ Toothbrush is a must for plating and welding operations. The smaller stature of these brass wire brushes allows them to clean small items or in compact areas such as tubing, engine parts, and tools. The Brass bristles will not rust and is non-corrosive when compared to it's steel counterpart. The sturdy brass bristles are arranged in a 3 column x 7 row patter and have an even trim which allows for consistent brushing. This long-lasting brush is great for cleaning rust, paint, slag, dirt and scale thanks to its solid 6-7/8” x ½” wooden handle and quality brass bristles. This welders’ toothbrush works well with many different materials, including stainless steel as well as other metals, paint, wood, brick, stone, cement, plastic, rubber and fiberglass.

Product Features:
•    Containment Free and Corrosion Resistant Brass Wire Bristles
•    Compact 6-7/8" Long x 1/2" Wide Wood Handle

Uses Include:
•    Paint Removal
•    Removing Rust
•    Eliminating Dirt
•    Scratching Off Scale
•    Removing Weld Slag

Works well on the following materials:
•    Stainless Steel
•    Aluminum
•    High Tensile Alloys
•    Steel
•    Iron
•    Paint
•    Wood
•    Brick
•    Stone
•    Cement
•    Plastic
•    Rubber
•    Fiberglass

•    Length = 6-7/8"
•    Width = 1/2"
•    Bristle Dimensions = 3 Columns x 7 Rows
•    Material = Brass Bristle & Wood Handle 

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