3" Quick Change Zirconia (With Grinding Aid) Discs - 25 Pack

Brand: BHA - Black Hawk Abrasives

Pack Size:
25 Discs
Die Grinder

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Product Description

3 Inch Zirconia Quick Change Sanding Discs (With Grinding Aid)


Introducing the 3” Zirconia Plus Quick Change Discs featuring Active Grinding Aid by Black Hawk Abrasives. 3 Inch (75 mm) zirconia quick change sanding discs are compact, powerful and versatile. They can be used on flat or contoured surfaces for general grinding, dimensioning parts, metal stock removal, deburring, removing sealant corrosion, leveling, finishing castings and forgings or blending / polishing. Furthermore, due to their 3 inch diameter, they can be used in hard to reach places that a larger grinding would struggle to reach. These 3 inch zirconia sanding discs with self-activating grinding lubricant are constructed with heavy duty, y-weight, polyester backing. This backing is then covered with close coat, premium alumina zirconia grains. Alumina zirconia fractures frequently to continually produce sharp edges and deliver a faster cut-rate than aluminum oxide. ZA was developed for heavy stock removal and high pressure grinding. The zirconia grains are then covered with a grinding aid (to dissipate heat and prevent loading during use) and resin over resin bonded (resin over resin bonds has superior grain retention then other bonding methods, makes the abrasive moisture resistant and further aids in heat reduction). The combination of the grinding aid and resin over resin bonding keeps the zirconia quick change sanding discs cool while grinding which extends the life of the disc and protects heat sensitive alloys. Finally, the quick change discs are affixed with the versatile, plastic, Type R (Type III) male roll-on, roll-off attachment system comparable to (and compatible with) 3M Roloc™ quick twist-on, twist-off. These discs are meant to be used with a 3-inch backing pad that can then be fastened to any ¼” power drill or air grinding tool. Zirconia with grinding aid is most effective on cast iron or carbon steel but is also extremely effective on stainless steel and other materials that could be harmed by high heat. Zirconia plus grinding aid discs can also be used on titanium, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper or hard woods and are commonly used in the auto collision repair industry, and by metal fabricators and welders. These 3 inch black hawk zirconia plus quick change discs offer a sensibly priced alternative to ceramics with many of the same characteristics. Available in 36 grit and 40 grit for high stock removal; 60 grit and 80 grit for moderate stock removal, sanding and surface preparation; and 120 grit for finishing and polishing.

Product Features:
•    Premium Zirconia Alumina Abrasive Grains
•    High Strength Y Weight Poly Backing
•    Plastic roll-on backing (Type R)
•    Grinding Aid for Cool (low heat) Grinding
•    Grinding Aid Reduces Loading and Extends Useful Life
•    Perfect for tight work space

Uses Include:
•    Deburring
•    Deflashing
•    Cleaning weld lines and weld splatter
•    Removal of Rust
•    Blending
•    Finishing and Polishing
•    General Sanding / Grinding
•    Stock Removal

Suitable for Use on
•    Carbon Steel
•    Brass
•    Titanium
•    Bronze
•    Cast Iron
•    Aluminum
•    Copper
•    Hard Woods
•    Stainless Steel
•    Nickel Alloys 
•    Cobalt Alloys

Use on:
•    Die Grinder
•    Air Grinder
•    Drill

(Needs Standard 3" Female Roll-On Disc Pad Holder)

•    Type R – Male Roll On (Equivalent to: Norton Speed-Lok TR®, Standard Abr. Lockit®, Merit Powerlock Type III®, 3M Roloc TR® )
•    Dimensions = 3” Diameter (75 mm)
•    Max RPM = 18,000
•    Material = Zirconia Alumina with Grinding Aid
•    Grits = 36, 40, 60, 80, & 120 Grit available

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