5" x 5/8"-11 Ribbed Backing Pad for Resin Fiber Disc

Brand: Koltec USA

Pack Size:
1 Backing Pad

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Product Description

5" Ribbed Resin Fiber Backing Pad with 5/8"-11 Locking Nut Included (Premium Quality)

5" x 5/8"-11 Ribbed Face Air Cooled Resin Fiber Disc Pads are great for the majority of aggressive purpose grinding applications, especially for coarse grit sanding. Specifically, these backing pads are recommended with fiber discs that are grits 50 grit and coarser. These fibre disc pads are made with firm thermo-plastic and are more rigid making them perfect for jobs requiring serious stock removal. They feature airflow holes that are part of a revised and improved design to promote more flow underneath the abrasive disc in use. This cooling action extends the life of the disc and the backing pad itself. The next feature of these fiber disc backup pads is the curved ribbing across the face. These ribs encourage air flow and force heat away from the resin fiber disc again, extending the life of the disc. These pads are balanced to prevent uneven disc wear and have a flat T-27 design to them. These backing pads are built for most grinding applications including sanding metal, fiberglass, wood and plastic. These backup pads come with a screw on locking nut and are made to be used on an angle grinder. MADE IN USA

SOLD IN PACKS OF 1 (Individually)

Product Features:

  • Firm Proprietary Thermo-Plastic Injectable Compound Body
  • Raised Ribs (Cooling)
  • Air Holes (Cooling)
  • 5/8"-11 Lock Nut Included

Use on:


  • Dimensions = 5” x 5/8"-11
  • Max RPM = 12,200
  • Attaches to 5" Angle Grinder

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