8" Mill File (Bastard Cut)

Brand: Mercer

Pack Size:
1 File

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Product Description

8 Inch Mill File Bastard Cut

Name: 8" Mill File Bastard Cut

Mill Files (Bastard Cut) are two-sided flat files featuring a single bastard cut pattern as well as a rectangular tapered point for detail work (Two square edges). Bastard cut is a term used to describe the coarseness of the file. A Bastard cut file will be between the coarsest and second cut meaning the teeth are quite coarse and ideal for rapid material removal while still leaving a smooth finish. The Single Cut means that the file has one set of diagonal rows of teeth. Single-cut files are most commonly used with light pressure applied in hopes of producing a smooth surface finish or create a thin edge on a blade. These Mill Files are commonly used for millwrights’ work and are ideal for sharpening circular saws, hand saws, chainsaw teeth, knives and can be used for, finishing, and general shop use.  These files are most effective when filing with the drawfiling technique or lathe filing technique. This Bastard Mill File can be used on Stainless Steel, Ferrous Metals, Iron Bar, Plastics, and Wood.

* For safety reasons, a file should never be used without a handle. Clean with a wire file cleaner if it gets clogged.

Suitable For: Ferrous Metals, Mild Steel, Iron Bar, Plastics, Stainless steel, Wood.
Length: 8″
Teeth Set: Single
Grit (Cut): Bastard - Coarse teeth for rapid stock removal
Material: Metal
Use: Requires Handle
Quantity: 1 File

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