4.5” x 4” Easy Strip and Clean Abrasive Drum

Brand: BHA - Black Hawk Abrasives

Pack Size:
1 Drum
Surface Conditioning Tool

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Product Description

4-1/2 Inch Paint Stripper Drum

4.5” x 4” x 3/4” quad key shaft Easy Strip and Clean Abrasive Drums by Black Hawk Abrasives are designed to clean, prep and smooth a surface, with a variety of imperfections, without damaging the underlying material. Each 4-1/2 inch paint stripper drum is manufactured with black nylon webbing infused with extra coarse silicon carbide abrasive grains (Approximately 40 Grit). The porous, black, non woven structure promotes airflow and resists loading which prolongs the useful life of the wheel and reduces work-piece-staining heat buildup. The silicon carbide grains are one of the sharpest synthetic abrasive minerals available but, breaks down faster than aluminum oxide. This allows for a consistently sharp cut without having to apply a great deal of pressure. All of these features combined is what makes the black strip-it drum by BHA able to clean, blend and finish while keeping the work piece intact. Additionally, BHA’s Easy strip and clean drums offer a greater sanding surface area compared to wire wheels or strip and clean discs for angle grinders. Greater surface area sanding will shorten operator work time especially on larger jobs.

With it’s open web design and silicon carbide grains, the 4.5 inch black hawk abrasives strip and clean abrasive drum is uniquely suited for the following applications: Paint Stripping, Weld Cleaning, Removing Rust, Sealant, Bondo or Body Filler as well as any other applications that create a high dust environment. This drum is affixed with a hub that fits 3/4 inch keyed shaft and is made to be used on surface finishing machines and linear grinding machines (A.K.A. surface conditioning tool, burnishers, burnishing machines, contouring grinders, etc.)


Suitable For:
•    All Metals

Uses Include:
•    Rust Removal
•    Paint Removal
•    Glue, Sealant and other Adhesive Removal
•    Bondo and Body Filler Removal
•    Scale and Oxidation Removal
Strips quickly while keeping the underlying work piece intact

Use on:
•    Burnishing Tool
•    Contour Grinder
•    Finishing Tool
•    Surface Conditioning Tool
•    Linear Grinder

•    Wide = 4"
•    Diameter = 4.5"
•    Keyed Shaft = 3/4"
•    Max RPM = 3,500
•    Material = Silicon Carbide
•    Grits = 40

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