Stainless Steel Buffing and Polishing Kit - 8” Airway Buffs and Compound, 6 Pc

Brand: Empire Abrasives

Pack Size:
3 Buffs & 3 Compound Bars

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Product Description

8 Inch Airway Buff and Compound Stainless Steel Polishing and Buffing Kit

The 6 piece, 8 inch airway buff and compound, stainless steel buffing and polishing set offers an all-in-one solution to bring stainless steel show ready shine. Whether you are buffing and polishing your tire rims, exhaust pipes, bumpers, big rig parts or restoring the luster to any stainless-steel surface, this kit will bring your SS project back to a showroom quality shine. Each stainless polishing set consists of the following 8 inch airway buffing wheels: one blue buffing wheel, one yellow buffing wheel and one untreated white buffing wheel; and the following extra large 3 pound compound bars: one black buffing compound, one brown tripoli buffing compound, and one green rouge polishing compound.

This stainless steel buffing pack provides the ability to cut, color, and polish. The blue buffing wheel is the firmest, which allows the operator to cut and remove scratches, blemishes, and tool marks. The blue airway buff is designed to be used with the black buffing compound which is particularly effective at cutting stainless steel.

The next step in the polishing process is achieved with the yellow airway buff paired with brown Tripoli. The yellow airway buff is about 15% less firm than the blue airway buff thus provides a superior buff for coloring. The yellow airway used in conjunction with the brown tripoli buffing compound can cut and color with slightly less abrasive than the black. The brown tripoli is perfect for the next step in polishing up stainless steel.

Finally, the white untreated airway buffing wheel is made of soft 86/80 cotton. The white airway buff will allow the user to polish up to a show finish when paired with the green rouge polishing compound. Each airway buff and brick of buffing compound in this kit is MADE IN USA with premium materials.

*Fine polishing is tight areas? Check out our felt quick change discs

Stainless Steel Polishing Instructions:

  1. Surface Prep: Begin with a Clean Canvas

    • Initiate the process by thoroughly cleaning the stainless steel surface. Use a mild detergent or specialized stainless steel cleaner to remove dirt, grease, and any surface contaminants. Ensure the metal is completely dry before moving on to ensure the best possible finish.
  2. Sanding: Creating a Uniform Surface

    • If dealing with deep scratches, oxidation, or other significant surface damage, start with our sanding discs. Begin with a coarser grit (120 and up) to tackle the imperfections, then progressively move to finer grits (up to 2,000) to smooth out the surface. This step is crucial for achieving a uniform surface ready for buffing. Clean the area thoroughly post-sanding to remove all dust and particles.
  3. Initial Buffing: Scratch and Blemish Removal

    • Attach the blue airway buffing wheel to your tool and apply the black buffing compound. This combination is specially formulated for cutting into stainless steel, effectively removing scratches, blemishes, and tool marks. Work the surface evenly to ensure a consistent buff. Clean off any residual compound before proceeding to the next step.
  4. Intermediate Buffing: Enhancing Color and Texture

    • Switch to the yellow airway buffing wheel, designed to be slightly less firm than the blue, and pair it with the brown Tripoli buffing compound. This step focuses on coloring and smoothing the stainless steel surface further, with less abrasiveness than the initial buffing phase. The yellow airway buff and brown Tripoli compound work together to refine the surface, preparing it for the final polish. Again, ensure the surface is clean before moving forward.
  5. Final Polishing: Achieving a Showroom Finish

    • For the final flourish, use the white untreated airway buffing wheel, made from soft 86/80 cotton, combined with the green rouge polishing compound. This softest wheel in our lineup, when used with the fine green rouge, brings out a spectacular show finish on the stainless steel. This final step is where your effort truly pays off, revealing a brilliant, mirror-like shine.
  6. Inspection and Touch-Up: The Final Eye

    • Carefully inspect the polished stainless steel under good lighting for any missed areas or inconsistencies. It’s essential to catch and correct these spots now for a uniform, flawless finish.

This guide is designed to navigate you through the process of buffing and polishing stainless steel to perfection. Results can vary based on the initial condition of the metal and the user's technique. With patience and attention to detail, you can achieve a professional, high-gloss finish that restores and enhances the natural beauty of stainless steel.

This Kit Contains:

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  • Polisher / Buffer


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