12” Mill Curved Tooth File

Brand: Mercer

Pack Size:
1 File

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Product Description

12” Mill Curved Tooth File 

Name: 12” Mill Curved Tooth File  

The 12” Mill Curved Tooth File is a 12 inch curved-tooth flat metal file tool known for its long life and fast cutting capabilities. These files are great to use on soft materials such as tin or sheet metal while also being useful for unhardened steel, lead, copper, zinc and brass, where it will leave a very smooth surface. Across the face of this file are the curved contours (the mill curved teeth) which aid in the smoothing of large, flat metal surfaces. These particular metal file tools are rigid and come with a tang for convenience. Industries that make common use of the mill curved tooth files include shipyards, the automotive industry, the aircraft industry and machinists.

* For safety reasons, a file should never be used without a handle. Clean with a wire file cleaner if it gets clogged.

Suitable For: Tin, Sheet Metal, Unhardened Steel, Lead, Copper, Zinc, Brass, Hard Rubber, Wood.
Length: 12″
Teeth Set: Curved-Tooth
Grit (Cut):  
Material: Metal
Use: Requires Handle
Quantity: 1 File

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