blue clean and strip disc

5" x 7/8" Easy Strip and Clean Disc

Pack Size: 1 Disc
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  • Product Description

    5" Clean and Strip Disc (Blue)

    5" x 7/8" Blue Strip and Clean Discs by Black Hawk Abrasives are designed to quickly and effectively clean, prep and smooth a surface, with a multitude of imperfections, without compromising the underlying material. The blue strip it discs by BHA will clean, blend and finish while keeping the work piece intact and without geometric alteration. Each 5 inch strip-it disc is manufactured with premium blue non-woven webbing interspersed with extra coarse silicon carbide abrasive grains. The porous, blue, nylon webbing resists loading and promotes airflow, prolonging the useful life of the disc and reducing heat buildup which could stain, warp, or burn the work-piece. The silicon carbide grains are one of the sharpest synthetic abrasive minerals available but, breaks down faster than aluminum oxide. This allows for a consistently sharp cut with the capacity to leave a smooth finish. In many cases, the strip-It disc offers a superior alternative to wire brushes. Easy BHA strip and clean discs offer a greater sanding surface area as well as a smoother finish that wire brush alternatives.

    The open web design and silicon carbide grains offered by the BHA easy strip and clean disc resists debris and cuts consistently, making it particularly effective in high dust environments, such as coating and corrosion removal. Additionally, the 5 inch black hawk blue strip and clean discs can tackle the following applications with ease: Paint Stripping, Weld Cleaning, Rust and Sealant Removal. The BHA 5 inch by 7/8 inch strip and clean disc is blue in color to indicate that it is more rigid, more coarse, and longer lasting than the purple or black varieties. This disc is made to be used on an angle grinder.

    Pack Size: 1 Strip Disc

    Product Features / Benefits:

    • Blue extra rigid and coarse non-woven, nylon webbing
    • Longer life than black strip-it discs
    • Reinforced fiberglass backing 
    • Larger grinding surface area than wire brushes
    • Resists Loading
    • Grinds Cool


    • Rust Removal
    • Paint Removal
    • Glue, Sealant and other Adhesives Removal
    • Cleaning Weld Lines and Weld Splatter
    • Removal of Scaling and Oxidation
    • Surface Prep in Auto Body Shops
    • Removal of Surface Slag from Hot Rolled Steel


    Use on (Machine):

    • Right Angle Grinder



    • Type = 27 - Depressed Center
    • Diameter = 5"
    • Arbor Hole = 7/8"
    • Max RPM = 9800
    • Material = Blue Nylon Webbing
    • Abrasive = Silicon Carbide
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