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4-1/2" x 7/8" Easy Strip and Clean Disc

Pack Size: 1 Disc
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  • Product Description

    4-1/2" Easy Strip and Clean Discs by Black Hawk are the perfect disc for quick general metal cleaning, paint removal or rust removal.


    4.5" Black Hawk Easy Strip Discs are the perfect choice for cleaning and stripping metal surfaces. Simply attach to your angle grinder and these discs allow you to remove scaling, oxidation, or clean up weld lines. These strip discs are extremely versatile and are specially designed to strip quickly with minimal under material loss. Each Black Hawk Stripper Disc is made with premium blue (extra coarse) non woven, nylon webbing adhered to an extra strong fiberglass backing. The blue webbing is the new and improved webbing material, offering a longer life and improved cut rates compared to Black colored Clean & Strip Disc. Black Hawk Strip N Clean discs are a safer alternative to wire brushes. Easy Strip and Clean discs are great for auto body shops needing to remove paint and under coating while still protecting the vehicle body.

    Product Features:

    • Premium Blue (Extra Coarse) Non-Woven, Nylon Webbing
    • Blue Clean and Strip Discs has a longer life than Black Clean and Strip Discs
    • Reinforced Fiberglass Backing
    • Safer Alternative to Wire Brushes

    Uses Include:

    • Removal of Paint
    • Removal of Glue and other Adhesives
    • Cleaning Weld Lines and Weld Splatter
    • Removal of Scaling and Oxidation
    • Surface Prep in Auto Body Shops
    • Removal of surface slag from hot rolled steel


    • Type 27 - Depressed Center
    • Dimensions = 4.5”x 7/8”
    • Max RPM = 13300
    • Material = Blue Nylon Webbing (Extra Coarse)
    • Abrasive = Silicon Carbide
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    1. Unbelievably good at stripping crud off steel

      On a recent project, I cleaned 740 feet of 1-1/2"x x 1/8" angle iron on all 4 faces plus the 2 edges. That's almost 3000' x 1-1/2". I used 3 discs. I needed the steel ready for painting after welding.

      I used to use a 3" knotted brush to do this kind of work and it required lots of muscle to clean steel only half as good as these discs. The discs cut through the mill scale without me even wanting to do that. The knotted brush could never eat through the scale. The discs leave the steel clean enough for TIG. No more specially prepping where the welds are going.

      I discovered the best way to use them is with a very light touch. Instead of bearing down on a disc, I found myself floating the discs over the steel using my muscles to lift the angle grinder up to reduce the load on the disc as opposed to pushing a knotted brush down. The difference in labor is night and day.
      on May 16th 2019

    2. Clean

      These help a ton with cleaning off the Black Oxidising on fresh steel will buy some more down the road on Mar 29th 2019

    3. This disc is worth it!!!

      This disc works great for removing rust and old paint quickly for a bare metal finish without removing or damaging parent material. Good value for money. Free shipping was a plus. on Jan 24th 2019

    4. Easy to use; great results

      I wanted to remove accumulated rust from old hand saws and this strip and clean disc is doing a wonderful job. I can imagine even more uses for cleaning metal and prepping it for welding or painting. on Oct 19th 2018

    5. Great for stripping paint.

      Excellent product, works great for stripping paint and Bondo. on Aug 15th 2018

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