6" x 7/8" BHA Zirconia Flap Disc T27

Brand: BHA - Black Hawk Abrasives

Pack Size:
1 Disc
Angle Grinder

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Product Description

6” Zirconia Flap Disc with 7/8" Arbor, Type 27

Professional-Grade 6” Angle Grinder Flap Disc Metal Grinding and Sanding Wood

The BHA 6" T27 Zirconia Flap Disc is the perfect grinder attachment for any job that requires fast material removal and a smooth finish. Made with high-quality zirconia abrasive, this disc is durable and long-lasting. The heavy-duty fiberglass backing plate and x-weight flaps minimize vibration and dust, making it easy to use and control. Whether you're deburring, edge blending, or grinding welds, this disc promises precision and longevity.


Product Features

  • Zirconia Grain Abrasive: Premium quality for fast cutting and extended disc life.
  • Self-Renewing Flaps: Continuously exposes fresh abrasives for consistent performance.
  • T27 Design: Optimized for operation at a 0° to 15° angle, ideal for grinding flat surfaces and edges
  • Reinforced Fiberglass Backing: Minimizes vibrations and enhances durability smoother operation and reduced hand fatigue.
  • Resin on Resin Bonding: Guarantees a strong bond, reducing abrasive grain shedding.
  • Variety of Grits: Choose from 36 to 80 grit for your specific grinding needs.
  • Wide Compatibility: Fits most 6” angle grinders including DeWALT, Bosch, Milwaukee Tools, and more.
  • Contaminant-Free: Less than 0.1% Iron, Sulfur, and Chlorine ensures no after-rust.
  • Versatile Applications: Useful for metal grinding, surface preparation, and wood sanding

What Sets Our Discs Apart?

  • All-in-One Solution: Designed for multiple applications, saving you money and decluttering your toolbox. No more need to store multiple tools like grinding wheels and fiber sanding discs
  • Fast cutting: Zirconia is a sharper and harder abrasive than aluminum oxide, making it the best flapper disc for quick cutting and faster material removal
  • Grind Longer: Zirc is long-lasting and self-sharpening. When worn, flaps break off, revealing fresh abrasives for consistent performance. BHA’S high-quality backing plate distributes force evenly, preventing the disc from tearing.
  • Noise Reduction: Low vibration backing plate ensures quieter operation.
  • Smooth Operation: Reinforced backing distributes force evenly across the disc, resulting in consistent grinding results. This means that you can get the same smooth finish every time.
  • Heat Dissipation: Heat-resistant zirconia, increased airflow between flaps, and the T27 design generates less heat when grinding. This makes the discs last longer and protects your surface from discoloration, burning, or warping.
  • Less Clogging: Premium zirconia abrasive grain in our flap discs are self-sharpening and heat-resistant, preventing your disc from clogging.
  • Trusted Brand: Black Hawk Abrasives is trusted by professionals for quality and reliability.

Materials Suitable for Sanding/Grinding

  • Metal:
    • Stainless Steel: Often used in auto body repair, knifemaking, and industrial equipment.
    • Ferrous Metals: Includes steel, cast iron, and wrought iron. Common in construction, automotive, and machinery.
    • Non-Ferrous Metals: Such as aluminum (used in window frames, aircraft, and marine), copper (roofing, pipes), brass (fittings, plumbing fixtures), and bronze (statues, medals).
  • Wood:
    • Hardwood: Like oak, maple, cherry, and walnut, often used in furniture, flooring, and cabinetry.
    • Softwood: Such as pine, fir, cedar, and redwood, commonly used in construction and furniture.

Common Applications

  • Metal Grinding: Especially useful for deburring, weld blending, welding cleanup, and rust removal.
  • Surface Preparation: Before painting or coating, to ensure a smooth and clean surface.
  • Wood Sanding: For both hardwood and softwood, especially for edge chamfering and finishing.
  • Coated Surface Sanding: Effective for paint, varnish, and epoxy removal.
  • Welding Tasks: Deburring welds, blending, removing weld spatter, prepping surfaces for welding, cleaning metal

Product Specifications

  • Product Type: Flap Disc
  • Brand: BHA (Black Hawk Abrasives)
  • Abrasive Grain: Zirconia
  • Backing: Reinforced fiberglass backing plate (durable and minimizes vibrations)
  • Diameter: 6”
  • Arbor size: 7/8”
  • Type: T27 (flat)
  • Sanding Flaps: Heavy Duty X-weight Cotton/Polyester
  • Bond: Resin on Resin
  • Available Grits: 36, 40, 60, 80
  • Compatible Tools: 6” angle grinders
  • Max RPM: 10,200

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