8" Farmers Own File with Handle (Second Cut)

Brand: Mercer

Pack Size:
1 File

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Product Description

8 Inch Farmers Own File (A.K.A. Axe File)

Name: 8" Axe File (Second Cut)

8” Farmers’ Own File (A.K.A. Axe File) is a flat two-sided metal file tool featuring a large handle for easy use. Each Axe file is capable of cutting with either side but in different ways. On one side this flat farmer’s file features a double-cut teeth pattern, meaning the file has two sets of crisscrossing diagonal rows of teeth. Double cut files can be used with heavier pressure and are better for faster stock removal. The other side of these files features single-cut teeth rows, meaning there is just one set of diagonal rows of teeth. The single set of parallel rows is best used with lighter pressure and allows for slower, more precise cut. Both sides are second cut “grit” meaning the teeth are medium depth for moderate material removal. This is an excellent middle ground for a general purpose file such as this as it removes metal quickly enough but leaves quite a smooth finish. These farmers own files are excellent for general purpose filing but are particularly useful on agricultural tools. Uses include sharpening axes and putting a cutting edge on your flat bladed gardening tools like weeders, hoes, spades.

* For safety reasons, a file should never be used without a handle. Clean with a wire file cleaner if it gets clogged.

Suitable For: Ferrous Metals, Mild Steel, Iron Bar, Plastics, Stainless steel, Hard Rubber, Wood.
Length: 8″
Teeth Set: Double on one side & Single on the other
Grit (Cut): Second Cut - Medium teeth for moderate material removal
Material: Metal
Use: Sharpening Axes or Various Other Tools
Quantity: 1 File

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