Aluminum Buffing and Polishing Kit - 10” Airway Buffs and Compound, 6 Pc

Brand: Empire Abrasives

Pack Size:
3 Buffs & 3 Compound Bars

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Product Description

10 Inch Airway Buff and Compound Aluminum Polishing and Buffing Kit

The 6 piece, 10 inch airway buff and compound, aluminum buffing and polishing set offers an all-in-one solution to bring aluminum from matte, blemished appearance, to a mirror shine. Whether you are buffing and polishing your airstream trailer, pontoon boat, tire rims, exhaust pipes, bumpers, or any other aluminum accessories this kit will bring your aluminum project back to a showroom quality shine. Each aluminum polishing set consists of the following 10 inch airway buffing wheels: one yellow buffing wheel, one untreated white buffing wheel and one white domet flannel polishing wheel; and the following extra large 3 pound compound bars: one gray buffing compound, one brown tripoli buffing compound, and one white rouge polishing compound.

This aluminum buffing pack provides the ability to cut, color, and polish. The yellow buffing wheel is the firmest, which allows the operator to cut and remove scratches, blemishes, and tool marks. The yellow airway buff is designed to be used with the gray buffing compound which is particularly effective at first step buffing aluminum (and other soft metals).

The white untreated airway buff is less firm than the yellow airway buff and offers a superior buff for coloring; the next step in the polishing process. The white untreated airway buff is designed to be used with the brown tripoli buffing compound which can cut and color with less abrasive than the gray. The brown tripoli is perfect for the next step in polishing up aluminum.

Finally, the white domet flannel polishing wheel is untreated, super soft, and designed for last step finishing. The white flannel airway buff will allow the user to polish up to a mirror shine when paired with the white rouge polishing compound. Operate the 8 inch white domet flannel airway buff at 2,200 RPM for optimal results.

Although this kit was created with aluminum in mind it can work just as well on copper, brass or other soft, non-ferrous metals. Each airway buff and compound bar in this kit is MADE IN USA with premium materials.

*Fine polishing is tight areas? Check out felt quick change discs


Aluminium Polishing Instructions:

  1. Surface Prep: A Spotless Beginning

    • Initiate your endeavor by meticulously cleaning the aluminum. Opt for either a gentle soap and water mixture or a dedicated aluminum cleaner to ensure the surface is impeccably clean and dry, setting the stage for a successful polishing process.
  2. Sanding: Establishing a Smooth Base

    • Confront deep scratches or significant oxidation head-on by incorporating our sanding discs into your preparation. Start with a coarser grade and progressively shift to finer grades, smoothing out the aluminum's surface. This step is critical for preparing the material for a seamless buffing experience. After sanding, thoroughly clean the surface to remove all dust and prepare it for buffing.
  3. Initial Buffing: Cutting and Correcting

    • Employ the yellow airway buffing wheel coupled with the gray buffing compound for this foundational buffing step. This powerful pair is adept at eradicating stubborn scratches, preparing the aluminum for further refinement. Post-buffing, ensure all residual compound is wiped clean from the surface.
  4. Intermediate Buffing: Coloring and Smoothing

    • Transition to the white untreated airway buffing wheel, applying the brown tripoli buffing compound for this next phase. This stage focuses on enhancing the aluminum’s color and further smoothing its texture, laying the groundwork for the final shine. A thorough cleanup here is essential to prevent compound buildup.
  5. Final Polishing: Pursuing the Ultimate Shine

    • The culmination of your efforts involves the white domet flannel polishing wheel and the white rouge polishing compound. This step is all about achieving the best possible shine, tailored to the effort and skill you bring to the process.
  6. Inspection and Touch-Up: The Devil's in the Details

    • Meticulously inspect the aluminum under ample lighting, identifying any sections that may require more work. It’s these finishing touches that can significantly elevate the overall appearance of your project.

This guide serves as a roadmap to revitalizing your aluminum pieces. Remember, outcomes can vary based on the material's starting condition and your proficiency with the tools and techniques. A patient, meticulous approach can lead to striking improvements in the appearance of your aluminum projects.


This Kit Contains:

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  • Polisher / Buffer


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