4 inch by 36 inch sanding belt aluminum oxide

4" x 36" Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belt

Pack Size: 1 Belt
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    4" x 36" Aluminum Oxide Portable, Benchstand & Backstand Belt

    Name: 4” x 36” Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belt
    Description: 4” x 36” Aluminum Oxide Sanding belt for benchstand sander, portable belt sander, backstand belt sander, or knife belt sanders. Aluminum Oxide sanding belts are some of the most used abrasive belts due to their diverse general purpose sanding applications and economical price. These 4 inch wide 36 inch long AO sanding belts a perfect option for day to day deburring, polishing, grinding and sanding. These 4” x 36” Aluminum Oxide sanding belts come in 40 grit, 60 grit, 80 grit, 120 grit, 220 grit, 240 grit, 320 grit, 400 grit, 600 grit, 800 grit, and 1000 grit. MADE IN THE USA
    Other Features:
    • Bi-Directional - the belt can be run in either direction.
    • Closed Coated - 100% of the belt is covered in abrasive grains.
    Suitable For: Most Ferrous metals (including cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, wrought iron), composites, plastics and wood.
    Width: 4″
    Length: 36″
    Grit: 36, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 180, 220, 240, 320, 400, 600, 800, 1000
    Material: Aluminum Oxide
    Belt Backing Weight: X-Weight
    Use: Portable Belt Sander, Benchstand Grinder, Backstand Belt Grinder
    Quantity: 1 Belt Per Order

    Looking for a different size, material or grit? We have access to an extensive amount of hard to find sanding belts. Please contact us and let us know what your looking for.

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    1. Solid performer

      Really impressed with the quality of manufacture of the 4" X 36" sanding belts. The grit seems to be very durable and unlike the last brand I tried, they track true on the sander without my having to constantly retweak the machine to keep the belt from sliding off the rollers. on Aug 21st 2019

    2. Quality product.

      This sandpaper is very good quality for the price!!! on Jul 30th 2019

    3. New stuff

      Have not even put it on sander yet, BUT the grit is correct. Ordered 10 from amazon and got 150 grit instead of the 320 that I ordered. Looks like I will continue to order from here. PS, Wrote a review to Amazon and they wouldn't print it. Said it wasn't proper. on Jul 12th 2019

    4. Michigan Antler Art .com Now used EMPIRE!!! AWESOME

      I sand approximately 600 to 800 pounds of elk, deer, caribou and Moose antlers a month and have done so for over 2 decades. When the supplier for my local mom and pop store r reduced the quality of their sanding belts, I was in need of a product that I have grown accustomed too. Well.. these 4x36 sanding belts are AWESOME....... I am TRYING to wear one out right It has had 500 pounds of antlers sanded through it and STILL Going.. unreal..I can tell it is close to giving up.. but what a value!!! you have saved MY BUDGET< MY TIME and I along with my customers Thank You for an excellent product at an EXCELLENT price which in turn helps me keep my prices competitive... acutally about 1/2 price what I normally pay.. customer for life......... Thanks Again, Terry
      Michigan Antler Chews
      Michigan Antler Art
      on Jun 28th 2019

    5. best place to buy sanding belts on the internet

      look no furhter than empire abrasives for your sanding belt needs. this place is amazing and the guys there are great. oh yea and the belts are some of the best ive used. Win win... win! on Oct 8th 2018

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