6" x 1/2" Arbor - 20 Ply Spiral Sewn Muslin Buffing Wheel

Brand: BHA - Black Hawk Abrasives

Pack Size:
1 Buff

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Product Description

6” x 1/2" Spiral Sewn 20 Ply Muslin Cotton Buffing Wheel

Spiral Sewn Muslin Buffing Wheels are excellent for cutting and coarse buffing. Each spiral stitched buff starts with premium muslin woven cotton cloth containing 64 - 68 threads per inch. These cloth ply layers are then stitched together in a spiral pattern, starting in the center and sewn circularly to the outer edge of the buff. This spiral stitch construction makes these buffing and polishing wheels more rigid thus tougher so that greater pressure can be applied when cutting, coloring or polishing. Spiral sewn buffs generally should be used with either Black Emery or Brown Tripoli and are designed to be run on a bench grinder, bench polisher, lathe or a drill with the proper mandrel.

6” x 20 Ply x ½”spiral stitched muslin buffing wheels are 6 inches in diameter, contain 20 discs of muslin cotton, and feature a ½” arbor hole (no metal ring). This buffing disc is 20 ply allowing the user flexibility and the capability of reaching into confined spaces that thicker buffs wouldn’t fit. When buffing in crevices or in grooves these thin compact buffs will really come in handy. MADE IN USA.

Pack Size: 1 Buffing Wheel

Product Features / Benefits:

  • Spiral Stitch Design: Holds plys together, creating a stiffer buff so greater pressure can be applied
  • 1/4" Stitch Separation: small stitch separation further increases stiffness
  • Premium Muslin Cotton: Can cut or color.
  • 20 Ply: Compact size and increased flexibility

Use with (Compound):


Use on (Machine):

  • Bench Grinder
  • Bench Polisher
  • Lathe
  • Buffer



  • Diameter = 6"
  • Arbor Hole = 1/2" (No ring)
  • Ply = 20
  • Stitch Distance = 1/4" (0.25")
  • Max RPM = 2500 - 2700

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