Floor Sanding Abrasives

Empire Abrasives carries all of your flooring abrasives to get any floor surface level, finished, and polished perfectly. We carry a variety of abrasives for different floor sanding equipment like sanding belts for drum sanders or sanding discs and buffing pads for buffer machines.

Below is a short buyer’s guide for different types of abrasive products for floor resurfacing, restoration, finishing, and buffing.

Floor Sand Paper Rolls

The long rolls of sandpaper are perfect for cutting sheets down to the size you need. Rolls area available in 8” and 12” width for different drum sander specifications as well as 25 or 50 yard lengths for different size jobs.

Available in: Silicon carbide, Zirconia (zirc), and Ceramic

Floor Sanding Belts

Designed for professional use with compatible drum sander machines. All Empire Abrasives floor sander belts are made of premium cloth backing with bi-directional capabilities.

Available in: Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Zirconia (zirc), and Ceramic

Floor Sander Discs

Sanding discs for buffer machines are best for novices or DIY floor sanders. These are much more forgiving on your floors than drum sanders that can cause grooves and divots for those less experienced. Smaller edger discs are also made to get right up to the edge of the room where a full size floor sanding disc will leave a gap.

Available in: Silicon carbide and Zirconia (zirc)

Floor Sanding Screens

These are primarily used for sanding, stripping, and refinishing hardwood floors, but are also very useful on concrete, tile, and stone surfaces as well. Our floor sanding screen sheets are made up of an open-web mesh coated with silicon carbide grains on both sides. The screens are waterproof and reversible.

Variations: Edger discs, Sanding disc screens (for buffer machines), and 12” x 18” mesh sheets

Floor Buffing Pads

Floor buffer pads are made in varying colors that signify different stages of the buffing process. For information on the color code of the buffers, please see the buffing pads main page or individual product pages.