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Specialty Coated Abrasives: Paper, Rolls, Drums, and More

Shop all other types of coat abrasives such as sandpaper sheets, shop rolls, cross pads, and more! Finish off your project's small details with any of these premium products! Whether you’re working on metal, wood, or plastic, we have the perfect abrasives for your project.

Coated abrasives come in a variety of forms, each useful for different tasks. Coated abrasives are made up of paper or cloth materials with abrasive grains affixed to the surface of the product. This is different from bonded abrasives which are created by combining abrasive grains with a bonding agent to form a solid material. Coated abrasives offer flexibility and precision for sanding, polishing, and finishing tasks on various materials.

This page features our specialty coated abrasives distinct from sanding belts, sanding discs, and flap discs. For those products, please click the link below.

Types of Specialty Coated Abrasives

Abrasive Drums

Abrasive drums are ideal for quickly creating a smooth finish on large surfaces. They come in various types, like sanding bands, flap wheels, and interleaf flap wheels, each designed for specific tasks. These drums are excellent for removing rust, paint, and surface imperfections, making them a favorite among professionals. With options for different abrasive materials, you can choose the perfect drum for your specific application.

Compatible tools: Linear grinders, Surface conditioning tools, Handheld drum sanders, Burnishing machines

Longboard Sandpaper Rolls

Longboard sandpaper rolls are popular choices for automotive and woodworking projects. Their durability and length make them perfect for quickly sanding long, flat surfaces. They are available in two primary types: green film, known for its superior durability and tear resistance, and gold stearate coated, which reduces clogging and enhances sanding performance. Both types are offered with hook and loop or PSA backing, allowing for flexible and secure application.

Compatible tools: Longboard sanders, Hand sanding blocks, Inline sanders, File board sanders, Air file sanders, Sanding blocks

Shop Rolls

Shop rolls of sandpaper provide versatile solutions for various sanding tasks. Available in multiple grits and widths, they are suitable for hand sanding or machine use, making them a staple in any workshop. They are available in 1-inch, 1.5-inch, and 2-inch widths and can be easily torn to your desired length. 

Compatible tools: Hand sanding, Detail sanders, Custom cut strips for machine use

Spiral Bands

Spiral bands are perfect for precise sanding and finishing tasks, especially in tight spaces. They come in a range of sizes and abrasive materials, including aluminum oxide and zirconia. Aluminum oxide bands are great for general-purpose sanding, while zirconia bands provide enhanced cutting power and longevity. Spiral bands can also be used manually without a tool attached when more precision and less aggressive sanding is required.

Compatible tools: Die grinders, Oscillating spindle sanders, Rotary drills

Cross Pads

Cross pads are a specialty abrasive made up of abrasive flaps folded over one another in a cross shape. This unique design makes them one of the best abrasive tools for grinding, polishing, and finishing inside pipes, tubes, holes, and cylinders where other abrasives can’t reach. The flexibility of the overlapping flaps allows the cross pads to conform to the shape and diameter of the area they are inserted into, providing consistent grinding action and high-quality finishes. To attach cross pads to a tool, a threaded mandrel is required, making them easy to install and secure to the tool.

Compatible tools: Die grinders, Air tools, Hand-held grinders, Rotary Drills

Cartridge Rolls

Cartridge rolls are precision abrasive products designed for detailed sanding and finishing in tight spaces. Coated with durable and fast-cutting aluminum oxide grains, these rolls are ideal for deburring, polishing, and grinding curved surfaces. Available in straight and tapered shapes, they are versatile and useful for a variety of applications, giving you access to grind hard-to-reach areas. Their compact design makes them perfect for use in mold and die work, as well as cleaning and polishing confined spaces.

Compatible tools: Die grinders, Power drills, Rotary tools, Pneumatic tools

Mounted Flap Wheels

Mounted flap wheels are specialty abrasives constructed by connecting multiple abrasive sheets, or flaps, around a center hub. As the flaps wear down, fresh abrasive layers are exposed, maintaining consistent grinding performance. They are some of the best abrasive tools to use for hard-to-reach places like inside piping or tubing, offering incredible flexibility to work on flat and curved surfaces

Compatible tools: Die grinders, Power Drills

Unmounted Flap Wheels

Unmounted flap wheels made up of multiple abrasive sheets, or flaps, arranged in a fan-like pattern around a central hub. These flaps wear down uniformly, revealing fresh abrasive layers for continuous grinding. They can be mounted on different arbors or mandrels to fit specific tools. Ideal for both flat and contoured surfaces, they provide flexibility and excellent performance.

Compatible tools: Pedestal Grinder, Bench-Top Grinder, Straight Finishing Tool 

Sandpaper Sheets

Sandpaper sheets provide a simple, yet effective, solution for sanding and finishing tasks. These sheets come in different types including emery cloth, wet/dry silicon carbide, non-loading silicon carbide, and aluminum oxide. Emery cloth sheets are ideal for metal surfaces, providing flexibility and resilience. Wet/dry silicon carbide sheets are suitable for both dry and wet sanding applications. Non-loading silicon carbide sheets resist clogging, making them perfect for extended use. Aluminum oxide sheets are known for their durability and are great for a wide range of sanding tasks.

Compatible tools: Hand sanding, Sanding blocks

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