10 Piece Miniature Tungsten Carbide Burr Set, Double Cut – 1/8” Shank

Brand: BHA - Black Hawk Abrasives

Pack Size:
10 Burrs
Shank Diameter:
Tungsten Carbide

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Product Description

10 Piece Tungsten Carbide Mini Rotary File Kit, Double Cut - 1/8" Shank

Black Hawk Abrasives 10-piece double cut miniature tungsten carbide burr variety pack features ten of our most popular miniature rotary files all with 1/8 inch shanks and 1/4 inch cut diameters. Each engraving burr is made with premium tungsten carbide and ground using top-of-the-line 5 axis CNC machines for precise flute uniformity and vibration free cutting action.
Carbide burrs are one of the most versatile tools for forming and shaping metals and non-ferrous materials on the market today. These small grinder bits attach to a pencil grinder, die grinder, or rotary grinder and are great for stock removal of all kinds especially in confined spaces.
All these die grinder bits are double cut making them ideal for harder materials such as steel, stainless steel, titanium, etc. Furthermore, the crosscut flutes produce faster stock removal, reduced loading, small chips and thus a smoother finish than single or aluma cut burrs. 
This kit was assembled with versatility and precision in mind. These pencil grinder bits offers the ability to do detail work in the tiniest areas or on jobs where maximum control is paramount. With this carbide burr set you can quickly and easily debur, contour, prep welds and much more in a virtually any nook, cranny, hole, divots or at any angle. Each set includes a portable carrying case for easy storage and safe keeping of your burrs.

Included Carbide Burr Shapes:

SB-51 end cut cylinder burr (Size: 1/4" x 1/2") - Deburring and interior contouring
SC-51 radius end cylinder burr (Size: 3/16" x 1/2") – Deburring, surface milling and contouring
SD-51 ball shape burr (Size: 1/4" x 7/32") - Contouring, hole deburring and milling
SE-51 oval shape burr (Size: 1/4" x 3/8")  - Contouring
SF-51 rounded tree shape burr (Size: 1/4" x 1/2")  – Cutting narrow contours
SG-51 pointed tree shape burr (Size: 1/4" x 1/2") - Cutting narrow contours 
SH-51 flame shape burr (Size: 1/4" x 1/2") - Contouring
SL-51 taper radius end burr (Size: 1/4" x 5/8") – Cutting narrow contours and surface milling
SM-51 cone shape burr (Size: 1/4" x 1/2") - Cutting narrow contours and surface machining
SN-51 inverted cone shape burr (Size: 1/4" x 1/4") - Edge machining
*Size: Cut Length x Cut Diameter

• Premium tungsten carbide
• Five-axis CNC precision cut flutes for unmatched uniformity and balance (vibration Free cutting)
• Miniature size ideal for engraving, precision work or in hard to reach areas
• Silver weld between head and shank – stronger bond than industry standard copper weld
• Double-Cut flute designed for improved operator control, faster stock removal, smaller chips, and minimal loading. More effective on harder materials than single or aluma cut.
• Includes locking storage case

Suitable For:
• Steel
• Stainless Steel
• Cast Iron
• Iron Alloys
• Titanium
• Nickel
• Inconel
• Chrome
• Brass
• Bronze
• Fiberglass
• Plastic
• Hard Rubber
• Wood

Uses Include:
• Deburring
• Contouring
• Edge chamfering/rounding
• Milling out in preparation for build-up-welding
• Preparation of weld seams/weld dressing
• Cleaning cast material
• Modification of workpiece geometry
• Engraving
• Precision grinding

Use on:
• Die grinder
• Rotary grinder
• Pencil grinder
• Dremel rotary tools
*DO NOT use on portable power drill. They run too slow and may result it chipping.

• Cut Type = Double
• Shank Diameter = 1/8"
• Recommended / Max RPM = (See Carbide Burr Speed Recommendation Chart)
• Material = Tungsten Carbide
• Type Available = SB-51, SC-51, SD-51, SE-51, SF-51, SG-51, SH-51, SL-51, SM-51, SN-51

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