New Product Alert – Silicon Carbide Sanding Belts

Aug 17th 2022

You asked for it, and we’re delivering. Empire Abrasives is happy to announce that we are now carrying silicon carbide sanding belts, in stock and ready to ship out.

Available Options

Starting today, we’ll have the most popular sanding belt sizes available with silicon carbide. In the coming months we will begin adding additional options. The most popular sizes that are in stock now include:

Each of these new belts are offered in multiple grits options as well. They are also all capable of both dry and wet sanding.

About Silicon Carbide

Silicon carbide is a specialty abrasive grain, usually found in black or dark gray. This particular material is incredibly hard and sharp, about as much as a diamond, but also very brittle. The brittleness sounds bad, but is actually a benefit. By making microscopic fractures at the ends of the silicon carbide grains, it continuously sharpens itself (friability).

Silicon carbide is usually the go-to option for wet sanding as well as sanding stone, granite, marble, and glass. As a metal grinding abrasive, it is useful for non-ferrous metals. It can be used for sanding down hard woods, which makes silicon carbide floor sanding belts very popular among hardwood floor installers and repairmen.

When grinding metal or other objects with silicon carbide abrasives, it is recommended that you use less pressure and let the belt do the grinding rather than pressing the belt firmly into the object you are working on.

Have Questions?

Do you have any questions about our new silicon carbide belts or any of our other abrasive products? We’re available Monday through Friday from 9:00am until 5:00pm EST to talk on our site chat, phone, or email.